Isatc Sensation Gourmet - 2kg (4.4 pounds)

Isatc Sensation Gourmet from Hypertrophy is a protein with a composition based on whey, which has an excellent biological value. It acts as an excellent regenerator of muscle fiber, helping post-workout recovery and preventing loss of muscle mass.

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Isatc Sensation Gourmet from Hypertrophy. Intensify and accelerate your muscle growth with this whey protein of excellent biological value.

Isatc Sensation Gourmet from Hypertrophy is a whey protein of excellent biological value, which intensifies and accelerates muscle growth. It is also an incredible anti-catabolic, helps boost the immune system and acts as an excellent regenerator of muscle fibers. Isatc Sensation Gourmet is presented in 12 delicious different flavors, so that the most important moments in muscle recovery and growth are also the most delicious.

Isatc Sensation Gourmet from Hypertrophy has a superb composition based on pure concentrate of whey (W.P.C.), balanced amino acid profile and low fat content, which makes it an extraordinary protein for athletes with higher nutritional needs. It will also give you everything you need for a remarkable increase in muscle mass. It is a high quality protein to help muscle growth and improve post-training recovery by preventing loss of muscle mass due to protein deficiency.

Isatc Sensation Gourmet from Hypertrophy is a very-low-lactose protein with a protein purity of 80% concentrated and ultramicrofiltered whey. Its low carbohydrate content comes from dietary fiber and not from sugars. Maltodrextrin, dextrose, acesulfame and soy lecithin are the remaining components of this light and potent protein shake. This is a protein supplement that uses one of the highest purity values, this causes us to completely forget about fats and hydrates, its branched amino acids (BCAAs) repair muscle fibers much faster, the oxidation of these BCAAs has the function of providing metabolic energy to the muscles as well as other organs requesting it, as well as being precursors of the synthesis of amino acids being a favorer of the synthesis of alanine and glutamine in the catabolic states.

Facts of Isatc Sensation Gourmet from Hypertrophy

  • Whey protein of excellent biological value.
  • Intensifies and accelerates muscle growth.
  • Pure whey (W.P.C.).
  • Low fat index.
  • Significant increase in muscle mass.
  • Helps strengthen the immune system.
  • Excellent regenerator of muscle fibers.
  • Intensifies and accelerates the growth of muscle mass.

It is advisable to take Isatc Sensation Gourmet after training as it is the time when the body accepts the nutrients ingested better and at the same time allows for a faster recovery and an increase in protein synthesis. It is also advisable to take in the morning to compensate for energy consumption and catabolism caused by nighttime fast.

Recommended use: as a dietary supplement, mix 1 serving of 50 grams (3 tablespoons) in 250 ml of cold water or skim milk and take 1 to 2 times a day.

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