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HTM Extreme Fat Burner 2 - 60 caps

HTM Extreme Fat Burner 2 from Hypertrophy is a fat burner, which has improved its exclusive and very authentic formula with herbal extracts very rich in caffeine, thus stimulating the burning of fat, and with it, more energy to use for your activities. This advanced burner increases your metabolic rate, regardless whether you train or not.

    Take HTM Extreme Fat Burner 2 from Hypertrophy every day in order to make your weight loss process exceptionally productive and definitive.

    HTM Extreme Fat Burner 2 from Hypertrophy is a powerful fat burner powered by a new formula based on organic and vegetable extracts, which helps dissolve and burn accumulated fat, so that you reach the figure you desire so much in an effective way. This burner gives you 6 hours of energy, and improves your metabolism, even when you are not training, so that your physical and/or sports activity gets increasingly better, and in this way, you lose more weight.

    HTM Extreme Fat Burner 2 from Hypertrophy is an innovative fat burner that is composed of certain herbal extracts, which act synergistically. For example, it contains green tea, coffee, yerba mate, guarana, cola nut and black pepper. Being some of these, abundant in caffeine, that is, a substance that behaves like a fantastic thermogenic, completely natural, without being altered.

    With HTM Extreme Fat Burner 2 from Hypertrophy, you will find the support to lose weight that you have always wanted, without the need to resort to strict and restrictive diets. Also, it makes you burn fat so healthily that it does not damage the muscles. On the contrary, this formula stimulates, very naturally, the mobilization of lipids, and their respective breakdown, so that you can define your physique or your muscles superbly, of course, protecting your other vital tissues.

    HTM Extreme Fat Burner 2 from Hypertrophy activates your essential metabolism entirely, giving you 6 extra hours of powerful and fast energy. In this way, you increase the caloric consumption, mainly, for losing weight in a prolonged and definitive way. In fact, that excellent vitality offered by this extreme burner helps you keep burning extra calories, just in the day. Even without training, you will get your desired weight.

    Another of the magnificent qualities of HTM Extreme Fat Burner 2 from Hypertrophy is that it suppresses your appetite. Therefore, you will feel less cravings for uncontrolled eating, especially sweets, unhealthy food, and so on. By decreasing your anxiety with this extreme burner, you can concentrate entirely on maintaining a better and more balanced diet, in which you must include more fruit, vegetables, water, proteins, and therefore, take care of your ideal weight.

    Facts of HTM Extreme Fat Burner 2 from Hypertrophy

    • Stimulates the breakdown of fats, while protecting your muscles.
    • Gives you 6 hours of energy.
    • Increases your metabolic rate.
    • Curbs the appetite.
    • Made from herbal extracts, very natural.
    • Offers visible effects.

    A lot of people find it incredibly difficult to lose weight, however, to that end, the magnificent HTM Extreme Fat Burner 2 from Hypertrophy has been created, so as not to leave you alone in the process, and help you with all its effectiveness, to lose weight for good.

    Recommended use: together with a glass of plenty of liquid, take 3 capsules a day. 1 capsule at breakfast, 1 capsule at noon, and 1 capsule before training. Leave, at least, 3 hours between intake. Do not exceed the recommended dose.

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