Hydrolized Whey - 2.3 kg
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Hydrolized Whey - 2.3 kg

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Hydrolized Whey - 2.3 kg

70,00 € tax incl.

QUAMTRAX-10-7,00 € =¡63,00 €!
Hydrolized Whey Quamtrax, is a supplement to protein that combines the finest ingredients with the most advanced production tecnias.
What do you take it for?
Effect: repair and build
How is it taken?
Dissolve in liquid and mix
Size per dose
One service
How many times?
Once or twice a day
When should it be taken?
On an empty stomach and after training
Gain muscle mass
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Hydrolized Whey

Hydrolized Whey Quamtrax, is a supplement to protein that combines the finest ingredients with the most advanced production tecnias. With Hydrolized Whey, Quamtrax has managed to create the most valuable protein formula.Hydrolized Whey It has been designed specifically to funcinoar in the gym and the shaker!

The hidrolizacion of protein makes possible split the large molecules in other size much more reduced, capable of being absorbed by the body quickly, thus facilitating the quick muscle building.

Hydrolized Whey He has BCAA´s amino acids and digestive enzymes to improve assimilation micronized.

In addition to very fast,Hydrolized Whey It is a protein of unrivalled purity. Is made of100% isolated from whey protein hydrolysate. Thus there is no excess fat, cholesterol or lactose which can stop your muscle growth.


How to take Quamtrax Hydrolized Whey??

As a dietary supplement, dilute a 1 ceiling pot pot in the morning and another takes after training


Supplement Facts
 per 100 g
364 kcal
77 g
5 g
4 g

: Isoaislado of milk protein, amino acids (L-Leucine, l-Isoleucine, L-Valine) micronized, natural and artificial flavor, soy lecithin, hydrolyzed contains less than 1.5% (sunflower oil, maltodextrin, modified starch, phosphate, DIPOTASSIUM, tricalcium phosphate, tocopherol), salt, cellulose gum, clorhidro of potassium, Vanillin, sucralose, Acesulfame potassium, mixed encimatica (Amiogen)(, Amylase, protease, Cellulase, linkage - galactosidase, lipase).
  • 07/14/2016

una de las mejores proteina que he tomado ,el hidrolizado de suero notas como tu musculo cambia y se mantiene por un buen tiempo

    • 03/03/2014

    ottimo prodotto,proteine dal gusto eccellente.consigliato +++++++++

      • 06/07/2013

      Es un hidroluzado de conxentrado de suero de mui poca calidad, se ve en que el producto.no.es mui.fino...cuando deberia serlo yaquque se supone que es un hidrolizado. El sabor.fresa es fresa/frambuesa y no esta mui bueno. Saludos

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