Date Syrup Bio from Horizon is a date concentrate from organic farming, serves to sweeten drinks of any kind and in pastries, such as cakes and desserts. It brings flavor and nutrients that boost the energy used in daily activities, or in training and sports activities.

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    Date Syrup Bio from Horizon, delicious syrup to enjoy with desserts or pancakes.

    Date Syrup Bio from Horizon is a concentrated juice of precooked dates, organic farming, contains no additives, has the appearance of thick syrup, dark color and is used in the preparation of desserts, pancakes, muffins, creams, toast, as well as sweeten herbal teas, yogurts, juices or drinks of any kind.

    It is an alternative to sweeten without sugar and consume healthier sweet preparations. It is made of precooked dates of optimal quality, harvested in an ecological way, crushed in water, contains no additives, passes through the cooking process but maintains the nutritional properties and contributes the energy that the consumer needs to replenish. It is healthier than white sugar. Horizon offers this commercial product of ecological production with the name of Syrup. In some countries, the synonyms are: molasses, caramel, syrup or honey. Although it is a commercial product, it goes through a process of cooking in water, the bone (seed) is removed, filtered and returned to another cooking where Date Syrup is produced. Its presentation in pack of 450g, Horizon brand.

    The sweet in food is pleasing to the palate and provides the energy consumed in physical or mental activity. Consuming too much white sugar can have unpleasant health consequences, so Date Syrup Bio from Horizon offers this eco-friendly sweetener to add sweet taste to certain preparations and replace white sugar. There is a variety of foods that substitute white sugar, and an alternative to sweeten and healthier than sugar, which does not contribute calories, is the derivative of Date transformed into a Syrup. This thick juice can be handmade but it does not offer the same conditions as the commercial format prepared by Horizon, which offers a 100% natural, organic product with no additives. The dates are fruits rich in natural sugar and if they are produced in organic farming they give greater protection and well-being to the body. This Syrup is made gluten-free, without salt, without egg, ecological, even when it does not contain sugar, contains glucose and fructose, so it has a high energy value.

    Facts of Date Syrup Bio from Horizon:

    • 100% natural product
    • From organic farming
    • Antibacterial properties
    • Replenishes energy

    Date Syrup Bio from Horizon sweetens your desserts and drinks, protects your health by being a natural sweetener from organic farming, free of additives and any other chemicals. Life is sweeter if you sweeten your food with this Syrup.

    Recommended Use: in confectionery to sweeten preparations of desserts, cakes, pancakes, puddings, biscuits, muffins, as well as to sweeten infusions, juices, yogurts, among others. The amount to be used in each of these preparations depends on user's liking.

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