The company Horizon is Dutch, founded in 1978. This company has specialized in importing and offering varieties of organic nuts, southern fruits and seeds. It has achieved notoriety thanks to the fact that it only uses ecological ingredients and has endorsement in its production processes. It has a range of five products: Southern Dried Fruit, Maple Syrup, Goji Dried Fruit and Blueberries. Likewise, it has two butter brands: UNUECO AND MONKI. Its offer is 100% natural.


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The company Horizon is Dutch. It was founded in 1978 and is currently headquartered in the city of IJsselstein, which is located in the province of Utrecht, in the central zone of the Netherlands.

This company is specialized in importing and offering varieties of organic nuts, southern fruits and seeds to the public. It is close to completing forty years of uninterrupted service. Therefore, after a long tradition in the naturist media of the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg; This company has begun to be known in new niches.

Horizon has entered strongly in countries such as France, Germany, Spain and even in the United States. To a large extent, it has achieved notoriety thanks to the quality of its products, which are made only with organic ingredients. Only use raw material obtained with organic farming, without traces of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides.

Horizon is one of the founding companies of the Good Food Foundation project, which promotes the existence of ecological farms in various areas of Europe and the world to obtain the various components with which their products are manufactured. This is their way of obtaining raw materials, that is, they have tried to have their own source of ingredients.

In addition, they take full care with handling the food. They do not use any type of preservatives and try to keep the ingredients in the most natural way possible. Its industrial processes include only the following steps: toast, grind, strain and mix when strictly necessary. For this reason, its machinery has the mission to mechanically move food. They do not add chemicals or modify its natural structure. Nor do they allow the raw material to spend much time stored, but they use it totally fresh.

Horizon's manufacturing methods are based on intervening as little as possible in the food. In addition, they have a strict quality control in the selection of raw materials. The handling is in the most hygienic way, focusing on the criteria of maintaining 100% natural products. To that effect, it can not be said that the facilities of this company are a laboratory, but rather a place where food is made and prepared in such a way that it reaches the consumer as pure as possible.

Regarding its product offer, the Horizon catalog is quite broad. On its website it offers up to five types of products, these being: "The dried fruit pasta" (not enpastas), "The Southern Dry Fruits" (noten & zuidvruchten), the "Maple syrup" (ahornsiroop), " Goji Dried Fruits "(Goji-bessen, plant whose scientific name is Lyciumbarbarum), and" Cranberries "(cranberries). It also has two brands of butter: UNUECO and MONKI.