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Vitamin E 400 IU - 60 softgels

Vitamin E 400 IU from Haya Labs provides your body with very important nutrients, in a concentrated form that you need to have an optimum quality of life. Vitamin E is also known as alpha tocopherol, which is its purest and most effective form, has the ability to offer a profound antioxidant effect that delays the signs of aging and helps you to have an optimal state of health.

    Vitamin E 400 IU from Haya Labs is the secret to a long and full life. Verify for yourself wonderful changes in your quality of life!

    Vitamin E 400 IU from Haya Labs is an outstanding nutritional supplement, which you need to give a turn to your quality of life.

    Take these easy-absorb softgels in order to combat free radicals in your body and in this way delay the effects of aging on your skin and also to improve the health of your body. It comes in the alpha-cetate-tocopherol format, which is its purest and most effective form. With its intake, you will favor an optimal heart functioning, strengthen your muscular structure, improve the flow of your bloodstream, and also benefit your nervous system. If you want to improve your health, these softgels will be very useful.

    Surely you wonder, why would someone need to take Vitamin E 400 IU from Haya Labs? Do we not find these nutrients in the food we eat daily? Of course, you can find it in vegetable oils, in egg yolks, liver and legumes, among others. But intensive food preparation often degrades the level of vitamins they should have. Therefore, you do not know if you are getting enough of this important vitamin. Above all, if you do not get used to eating different foods that have this nutrient. Therefore, these natural softgels may be your best chance to ensure its presence in your body.

    Vitamin E 400IU from Haya Labs is excellent for protecting red and white blood cells, and undoubtedly, makes a difference in the condition and quality of the epidermis. It is an excellent supplement for pregnant and lactating women, and to combat stress if you lead an extremely active lifestyle. And it is also of great help in cases where there is a tendency to lose hair, since it improves the circulation in the scalp and consequently benefits the condition and quality of the hair follicles. If you practice any sport activity, rest assured that vitamin E supplementation will help you to have a better performance and to achieve your goals more effectively. Among its benefits, it has been proven that it helps those who participate in professional competences, which take place in territories above sea level.

    Propiedades de Vitamin E 400 IU from Haya Labs

    • Presented in softgels containing vitamin E in alpha-cetate-tocopherol format.
    • Offers an important antioxidant action.
    • Easily absorbed.
    • Favors the skin.
    • Strengthens the hair.

    Vitamin E 400 IU from Haya Labs comes in excellent softgels that will improve your quality of life. Therefore, you should supplement your diet with these softgels that are easily digested and has important health benefits. They are excellent for pregnant or lactating women and for people who want to reduce the incidence of stress on the nervous system.

    Recommended use: take 1 or 2 capsules a day.

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