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Vitamin C with Rosehips 500mg - 100 caps

Vitamin C with Rosehips from Haya Labs is a high-efficiency product. It is designed with a powerful formula that brings an extra dose of vitamin C to the body, supporting the immunological system and strengthening the immune system. Vitamin C with Rosehips from Haya Labs is also an excellent antioxidant.

    Vitamin C with Rosehips from Haya Labs efficiently strengthens the immune system.

    Vitamin C with Rosehips from Haya Labs is also of great importance for the good health of the gums. Haya Labs has created Vitamin C with Rosehips using a special formula that also prevents the appearance of scurvy and promotes the absorption of vitamin E and its benefits. It also provides support to the health of the cardiovascular system and plays a key role in the production of collagen. Vitamin C with Rosehips from Haya Labs has the property to strengthen blood vessels. This nutritional supplement has been made from a Vitamin C formula plus Rosehip that optimizes brain activity and stimulates the absorption of iron. It also maintains good adrenal function and promotes healing of wounds and burns.

    Vitamin C with Rosehips from Haya Labs in vegetable capsules is a natural super vitamin C that offers protection to the whole family. Vitamin C is needed in the bones and immune system, helps to regulate cholesterol and intervenes in the absorption of some amino acids, folic acid and iron. It offers antioxidant effects and also promotes the synthesis of collagen in connective tissues. It optimizes the bioavailability of iron in the body. It improves the absorption of non-heme iron and acts preventively against scurvy. It intervenes in the production of adrenocortical hormones, polysaccharides and collagen. It reduces emotional and environmental stress and offers protection to the circulatory system against fatty sediments.

    Vitamin C provides numerous beneficial properties, stimulates the immune system by protecting the cells and is a potent antioxidant. Vitamin C is a nutritive substance that improves health and influences the whole body. Haya Laboratories offers all its properties and benefits in a single product, Vitamin C with Rosehips. Rosehip is developed after the petals have fallen. This fruit is very abounding in vitamin C and is also used to prevent scurvy. It contains more vitamin C than citrus, and bioflavonoids, which stimulate the absorption of vitamin C. Rosehip fruit is rich in vitamin A, B vitamins, vitamins D, E and K, in addition to iron and calcium.

    Facts of Vitamin C with Rosehips from Haya Labs

    • Provides a super-dose of vitamin C.
    • Improves the general well-being of the organism.

    Vitamin C with Rosehips from Haya Labs prevents discomfort and is absolutely a natural product.

    Recommended Use: it is recommended to consume 1 capsule, 1 or 2 times a day with meals.

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