100% Pure Taurine from Haya Labs is an extract of L-Taurine, a non-essential amino acid widely used to improve muscle response, purifies the body, prevents cellular oxidation, improves digestion and has excellent anti-catabolic properties.

Taurine 100% pure - 200g

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      What do you take it for? Improves physical and mental performance
      How is it taken? Swallow with water
      Size per dose One service
      How many times? Once a day
      When should it be taken? Before training
      Usos Performance increase

      100% Pure Taurine from Haya Labsamino acid to improve your condition and physical performance.

      100% Pure Taurine from Haya Labs is a dietary supplement based on L-Taurine ideal to improve significantly the physical performance as well as other vital processes of the body. L-Taurine is ideal for improving the digestive process, cardiovascular health, balances blood pressure, eliminates toxins naturally, maintains mental functions, prevents cell aging and oxidation, and greatly improves circulatory activity. This benefits greatly to bodybuilders who seek to improve their muscle performance as increasing vascularity brings more blood to the muscles, energizing them and stimulating their lean growth, thus allowing them to gain more strength and endurance in terms of physical training. It is also widely used in this field for its anti-catabolic properties, which prevent the muscle from wearing during training.

      The human body enjoys a natural production of nutrients and amino acids that are indispensable for many vital functions of the body, among them is L-Taurine, a non-essential amino acid, naturally produced by the human body and present in large quantities in meat and seafood, which is a key precursor of a correct muscle recovery as well as improve muscle response during exercises and workouts. Haya Labs has therefore developed its own 100% pure Taurine formula, an ideal sports supplement to bring the muscular performance of the athlete or sportsman to its maximum level, generating a shield that protects against oxidation and wear, improving vascularization and hence muscle strength and endurance. In addition to these remarkable benefits we can benefit from comprehensive improvements in health such as improved digestion, better absorption of nutrients, a leveling of cholesterol levels in blood, notable purifying effects of eliminating toxins naturally.

      Facts of 100% Pure Taurine from Haya Labs

      • 100% Pure L-Taurine
      • Improves strength and endurance
      • Improves the circulatory system and vascularization
      • Improves nutrient absorption
      • Prevents cellular oxidation
      • Eliminates toxins naturally
      • Improves digestion
      • Improves cardiovascular health
      • Property 2

      It improve your performance with 100% pure supplements such as 100% Pure Taurine from Haya Labs and you have to face the most demanding workouts.

      Recommended Use: Dilute 10 to 15 grams (one tablespoon) in 250ml of water or fruit juice, ingest before training.

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