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Phenylethylamine 500mg - 100 capsules

Phenylethylamine from Haya Labs is a supplement that has as main function the improvement of the mood, creating a feeling of well-being, as well, it helps to reduce the stress and to increase the levels of concentration.

    Phenylethylamine from Haya Labs, the neurotransmitter that will improve your life.

    Phenylethylamine from Haya Labs is a neurotransmitter whose main function is the transmission of nerve impulses. The intake of this supplement offers many benefits for both mental and physical health. If you consume 1 to 2 capsules the effects will not take long to be present, among them, they emphasize the capacity to stimulate the mood, the reduction of the stress, the improvement of the levels of concentration and attention, it helps to fight the anxiety and depression, can be used to create aphrodisiac sensation, increase brain activity, etc. On a physical level, it has incredible activation effects, thanks to which it increases the blood pressure and the level of glucose in the blood flow and it sharpens the senses.

    Phenylethylamine is a substance produced by the brain, belongs to the group of amphetamines, which are stimulants of the nervous system. Colloquially it is known as the "chemistry of love" thanks to the fact that according to studies carried out in 1980 it was discovered that the levels of this substance increase enormously in the brain when a state of infatuation is being experienced and thanks to this increase we experience insomnia, excitation, redness, tachycardia, etc. It is possible to find high levels of phenylethylamine in chocolate, so many times, when it is consumed, feelings of well-being are perceived, it improves the mood, etc. In certain types of grains, nuts and seeds you can get phenylalanine which is the precursor of phenylethylamine. It can be taken orally to improve sports performance, lose weight, etc. If a deficiency exists in the body, it can be consumed as a supplement, however, as everything should be used in moderation, because if the levels of the substance are very high in the body, it can generate side effects and even addiction. 

    Facts of Phenylethylamine from Haya Labs

    • It is a neurotransmitter and an alkaloid responsible for transmitting nerve impulses
    • It has the ability to improve mood and create a sense of well-being
    • It is an antidepressant as it is in charge of combating anxiety and depression and can also counteract certain psychological disorders
    • It helps lose weight
    • Its excitement and stimulation effects are ideal for improving sports performance
    • It stimulates the nervous system and increases brain activity, which in turn is reflected in the improvement of reflexes

    Phenylethylamine from Haya Labs is an ideal supplement to stimulate the mind and body, can sharpen and improve the senses, it also has an effect of overexcitation which can help athletes to improve their performance. It can also help people with depression, anxiety, psychological problems, etc. 

    Recommended use: 1 or 2 capsules daily, or a dose prescribed by a nutritionist.

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    Bonjour quelle quantité de PEA contient une gélule merci
    2020-01-22 18:42:53 PETIT
    Bonjour par capsule est de 500 mg. salutations
    2020-01-23 11:50:26 Jose
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