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Niacin 250mg - 100 tabs

Niacin from Haya Labs is a nutritional supplement that will provide your body with all the energy needed for each sport routine. It improves your body metabolism and transforms the fat of your body into energy guaranteeing you optimal results and greater endurance.

    Niacin from Haya Labs:  your great ally to strengthen the organism and fill you with energy from beginning to end.

    Niacin from Haya Labs is created with a fortified formula that comes from the groups of vitamin B3 that allow to be released gradually in the body by positively activating the metabolism of the human being. During the arduous day of exercises you will see excellent results since you will have the strength and energy to continue the training without problems.

    Niacin from Haya Labs came to market to make the day evolve for all athletes, elite sportsmen and for those people who daily take care of their health. This supplement provides a friendly hand to the body allowing the elimination of toxic chemicals in the body and also its active component, allows the proper adsorption of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The human being requires these indispensable supplements for the production of cholesterol in the liver, for the genetic process and the function of insulin. In the first intake you will see the optimal results both in the health of the skin, in the operation of the nervous system and in the cells because these are protected from any harmful effect. It is important to note that vitamins are necessary for proper growth and for this, healthy nutrition plays a key role since most of these inorganic substances are obtained through it.

    Niacin from Haya Labs makes a great vitamin contribution to the body avoiding to trigger any health inconvenience due to lack of vitamins. Vitamin B3 is water soluble and the lack of it in the body causes digestive problems, dermal and in some cases, mental.

    Facts of Niacin from Haya Labs

    • Transforms the fats of the human body into energy
    • Increases energy when training
    • Improves body metabolism
    • Controls cholesterol levels in the blood
    • Avoids digestive, dermal and in some cases mental problems.
    • Reduces the risk of any cardiovascular event
    • Improves nervous system and digestion
    • Part of its success is by prolonged release
    • Potent and natural antioxidant

    Niacin from Haya Labs is a high-powered supplement that transforms fat into an endless source of energy. Part of its action, it is to lower cholesterol levels and assist in the synthesis of glycogen. Experts in the area of health recommend the intake of niacin (vitamin B3) as it helps to improve circulation. It is one of the most recommended supplements to provide vitality in a shorter time. Add to your routine a dose of vitamin and from the beginning you will enjoy an excellent and enviable health.

    Recommended Use: as a dietary supplement, take one (1) tablet daily with the meal of your choice.

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