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Glucosamine Cream - 250ml

Glucosamine Cream from Haya Labs is a natural combination of glucosamine to relieve joint pain with an extraordinary skin smoothening formula that helps increase the flexibility and softness of the connective tissues of the body. It is free of parabens.

    Glucosamine Cream from Haya Labs: the ideal cream to regenerate your joints after intense training.

    Glucosamine Cream from Haya Labs is made of a perfect combination of components with the fundamental base of glucosamine, which is nothing more than a natural healer of the joints and gives great protection to the cartilage, because it reinforces the natural mechanisms of healing of this. Glucosamine has been studied and has been shown to accelerate the production of proteoglycans and collagen in order to have an improved quality support for the protection and good treatment of the connective tissues of the body. Glucosamine in addition to stimulating the generation of cartilage, also contributes to reduce discomfort and inflammation.

    Glucosamine Cream from Haya Labs contains a special combination of relaxing ingredients to relieve joints from a pressure loaded with intense training or some kind of joint disease. The softening of the skin comes with an effective glucosamine formula and natural elements to control discomfort caused by various reasons in the connective tissues. The safety of glucosamine in the treatment of joints has been proven for many years, making it very reliable to recover those parts of the body.

    Glucosamine Cream from Haya Labs is a cream with soft and pleasant texture for sensitive skin, and is a help for vegan people. It is made without animal ingredients. This cream maintains the nominal pH of your body, being neutral. It is free of parabens, avoiding any kind of chemicals and preservatives that eventually deteriorate your skin, which makes it an all-natural product.

    Facts of Glucosamine Cream from Haya Labs

    • For joint care
    • Contains glucosamine of the best quality
    • Contains a range of natural relaxing ingredients
    • Product suitable for vegan people
    • Paraben-free
    • Maintains pH neutral
    • Greater flexibility and softness in connective tissues
    • Increases collagen production

    Glucosamine Cream from Haya Labs is indicated for people suffering from a joint problem and want to relieve pain, even inflammation caused by this, with a completely natural formula outside of conventional products with chemicals and preservatives that in the long run do not protect the skin as they should and not help combat against free radicals. That is why, it is labeled paraben-free. Although, it can also be a product used in the restorative phase after an intense training where the cartilage of the joints is damaged.

    Recommended use: as a product for external use only, apply by massaging the affected areas, such as joints or other areas (muscles) that need their use.

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