Damiana Leaf Extract from Haya Labs is a 100% natural food supplement that helps you to calm stress, helping with mood swings, eliminating toxins and stimulating good digestion. Reduce anxiety and improve your quality of life, just by ingesting this wonderful product.

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    Damiana Leaf Extract from Haya Labs is the ideal supplement effective to calm the stress and the mood with ingredients 100% natural.

    Damiana Leaf Extract from Haya Labs is a food supplement based on natural ingredients with unique qualities and without side effects. The product is suitable for daily use, improves tone and emotional health. Each capsule consists of a high quality extract of the Turnera Diffusa leaves. The plant contains arbutin, fatty acids, essential oils, caffeine and apigenin.

    Damiana Leaf Extract from Haya Labs is native to Mexico, Central and South America and the Caribbean, Turnera Difussa, also called Damiana, has been used for centuries primarily because of its role as a libido booster. Recently, the plant is best known for its ability to stimulate physical tone, its relaxing effect, helps mild depression, anti-stress and mood enhancement. Damiana is widely used in traditional medicine as a cough suppressant, diuretic (increases urine flow) and an aphrodisiac agent. Recent studies in rats support the popular reputation of the Turnera diffusa as a sexual stimulant. It is also used against gastrointestinal disorders. It has demonstrated antibacterial activity against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, which may have gastrointestinal effects.

    Damiana Leaf Extract from Haya Labs has proven properties as an energy tonic. Its stress-reducing effect is most likely due to the high content of Apigenin-Bioflavonoid. Regular intake of Damiana Leaf Extract from Haya Labs leads to increased sexual performance as it is the result of increased blood flow in the genital area. The essential oils in Turnera Diffusa stimulate the function of the digestive system.

    Facts of Damiana Leaf Extract from Haya Labs

    • Improves overall tone
    • Stimulates digestion
    • Helps mood swings
    • Increases libido
    • Helps the body eliminate toxins
    • Improves the regulation of your body's balance
    • Reduces anxiety and stress
    • Helps with constipation
    • Acts on the spinal centers, stimulating urination, erection and ejaculation

    Damiana Leaf Extract from Haya Labs is special for those athletes who wish to lead a healthy life, free of external harmful agents, and strengthen the immune system, along with a healthy and balanced diet to get great final results. And accompanied by an exercise plan of intense routines. Therefore, it is the perfect product of bodybuilders, fitness, and more demanding athletes, where leading a healthy life is the main factor of your daily routine.

    Recommended Use: as a dietary supplement, take two (2) to three (3) capsules daily, preferably with a meal.

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