Cranberry Fruit from Haya Labs is a nutritional supplement recommended to help cleanse the bacteria of the urinary tract. Cranberry Fruit from Haya Labs is based on a natural formula that stimulates the expulsion of urine and thus maintain the health of the urinary tract.

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Cranberry Fruit from Haya Labs

Cranberry Fruit from Haya Labs is a product made of cranberries rich in antioxidants and very effective to combat infectious processes in the urine.

It provides the body with bactericidal properties, vitamins, carbohydrates and minerals. Studies have determined that it helps to keep bacteria free of urinary tract, to combat urinary tract infections, stimulates the immune system and keeps orderly liver function. A capsule of this product provides the correct amount of cranberry extract, needed for daily intake. Polyphenols, found in cranberries, prevent platelet accumulation and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, are antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and antiallergenic, delay the development of cataracts among others. Women are very likely to suffer at least once, a urinary infection, so when consuming Cranberry Fruit from Haya Labs will increase the prevention of uncomfortable infections of the urinary tract and prevent other situations that would prevent them from enjoying a healthy life .

is a nutritional supplement that stimulates urine excretion function by cleansing the urinary tract, eliminates the accumulation of bacteria which produces the undesirable strong smell in the urine, burning and the constant expulsion that is produced by the infection these bacteria cause in the urine, combating the reproduction and proliferation of bacteria in the urinary system can be done in a natural way by consuming Cranberry Fruit from Haya Labs, since cranberries contain Proanthocyanidins (PAC) which are polysaccharides that neutralize the activity of the bacterium Echerichia Coli (E. Coli) in the bladder, because if it is allowed to proliferate it is grouped with other bacteria and is difficult to eliminate by urination, facilitates its expulsion through the urethra and prevents cystitis. Contributing to prevent urinary tract infections is the essential property of Cranberry Fruit from Haya Labs. Recent research has shown that cranberry is much more effective when taken as capsules than either naturally or instead of simple juice because of concentration of its content and in this way attacks the bactericidal build-up and provides the benefits of a healthy urinary system.

Facts of Cranberry Fruit from Haya Labs:

  • Provides proanthocyanidins
  • Protects and prevents microbial action
  • Improves urination frequency
  • Stimulates liver function
  • Provides vitamins and minerals to the body

It contains antioxidants and substances such as tannins, flavonoids, minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and vitamins, so in addition to improving your health will influence beneficially in your nutrition.

Recommended Use: take 1 capsule daily preferably with meals.

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