The exquisite Relax Chewing Gum from WUG Health is a super advanced chewable product that gives you the great advantage of getting relaxed, and thus, reduce stress and feeling calm throughout the day. And thanks to the fact that it is made from valerian, tryptophan and melissa. Plus, it also helps you to get to sleep at night. It is a delicious chewing gum for your full well-being.

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    Relax with the tasty Relax Chewing Gum from WUG Health and forget about stress for a while.

    The pleasant Relax Chewing Gum from WUG Health is composed of organic elements, such as valerian, tryptophan and melissa, which relax your nervous system and muscles, therefore, it is a rich chewing gum that helps you get relaxed, to feel calm during the day, to fight stress, even, it facilitates to get to sleep at night. In addition, it has a tasty flavor, in fact, you will not have to worry about calories or your oral health, since it is sweetened with stevia.

    Although you may seem unbelievable, Relax Chewing Gum from WUG Health was developed for you to enjoy days of relaxation and zero stress, because each of its ingredients was carefully and harmoniously selected, with the intention that every cell of your nervous system and muscle fiber get relaxed for many hours, and in this way, favor your state of tranquility, serenity and rest, which every single human being needs, especially under a stressful day of work or, well, after attending the gym and/or undergo too many taxing physical activities.

    Relax Chewing Gum from WUG Health contains all-natural components, such as melatonin, melissa, and organic extracts of the valerian herb, which, together, produce a fabulous sensation of relaxation and promote well-being. In addition, by chewing this rich gum, you can enjoy a greater calm in your daily routine, reducing irritability and fatigue, which may produce stress. Moreover, you will surely enjoy a wonderful sense of peace, and thus, you will get sleep to sleep like a baby, at night.

    The most wonderful thing about Relax Chewing Gum from WUG Health is that each of its components are activated by chewing, which are then absorbed by the oral mucosa, thus achieving an instant assimilation and the appearance of its powerful effects. While drinks, gels and infusions for relaxation take up to 40 minutes to be digested, this tasty chewing gum provides immediate relaxation, so you can enjoy your life in a placid and healthier way. Similarly, it tastes delicious, but, the producer took a step further in order to take care of your teeth and avoid an excessive amount of calories in your diet, by sweetening it with stevia.

    Facts of Relax Chewing Gum from WUG Health:

    • Helps you get relaxed and reduce stress.
    • Favors states of calm and rest.
    • Contributes to get to sleep at night.
    • Has no added sugars, gluten or lactose.
    • Sweetened in a healthy way with stevia.
    • Instant effects.

    Calm the mind and give a break to the body when it is in a state of stress can be almost impossible to do. However, the moment you chew Relax Chewing Gum from WUG Health, you can enjoy again the calm, relaxation and, in this way, you will rest much better.

    Recommended use: take a unit and chew it at the moment you need to get your body relaxed, your mind calmed and forget about stress. You do not need water to enjoy it.

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