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GUM is a brand that is part of the Japanese group Sunstar since 1949 which allowed to expand the business by adding new products, sales force, and the help in the penetration of the company in the retail market. It also allowed its products to be distributed to more than 50 countries being leader in the manufacture and distribution of innovative oral health care products.

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28% dtoBi-direction fino conico - 6 unid
Bi-direction fino conico - 6 unidsGUM
GUM's Fine Tapered Bi-Direction is a magnificent toothbrush developed to facilitate deep...
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GUM was founded by Dr. John O. Butler, a Chicago periodontist, in 1923, with the introduction of a brush with 2 rows, 12 strands, which responded to the specific yearnings of dentistry professionals to have a high quality toothbrush to meet the requirements of oral hygiene. The toothbrushes at that time were too large to reach the back of the mouth. They have been developed in various shapes and sizes mainly thinking about appearance, rather than for any scientific reason.

GUM works with doctors, academics and scientific researchers to design, manufacture and distribute high quality innovative products to care for oral health. As our understanding of oral health and its relationship to systemic health has grown over time, Sunstar continues the philosophy of working with clinical leaders, academics and scientists to market scientifically relevant and complying products. Sunstar works with professional dental associations to support the distribution of Continuous Education resources - always bringing up-to-date information and "best practices" for dentists and dental professionals in general.

There has always been a commitment to dentistry and good oral health care, both for professionals in the area and for the consumer. We have a history of excellent oral hygiene products around the world. We continue to play an active role in the global advancement of oral health and dental care. Since its foundation in 1923, GUM is a respected leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of innovative oral health care products of the highest quality. We continue to play an active role in the global advancement of oral health and dental care, including:

  • Educates dentistry professionals about the relation between oral and systemic health.
  • Sponsors and supports the work of professional organizations.
  • Invests in research and development of clinically superior dental products.

The mission of GUM is to improve global systemic health by helping people of all ages to have stronger and healthier teeth and gums. We are committed to providing innovative and high-quality oral health products to consumers and dental professionals. In addition, we have a leading role in collaborating with the industry to educate and motivate people to commit themselves permanently to oral health. We continually strive to fulfill this responsibility in a reliably.

The future of oral hygiene for professionals and consumers is very bright, as awareness of the importance of good oral hygiene has increased. Technological advances in oral care are growing at an accelerated pace and Sunstar is well positioned for this global growth, with good and solid reputation.