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Powdered Vegan Protein - 90 g

Powdered Vegan Protein from Gudgreen is an extraordinary protein powder specially designed for vegans, since it is a high-quality protein derived from vegetable and all-natural ingredients. Powdered Vegan Protein from Gudgreen is an ecological product that has all the essential amino acids for a complete protein contribution, which is ideal for high-performance sportspeople.

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    Prepare delicious vegan shakes loaded with 100% natural and organic vegan protein by using Powdered Vegan Protein from Gudgreen.

    Powdered Vegan Protein from Gudgreen is an extraordinary food supplement based on protein of vegetable origin, high quality and loaded with nutrients and essential amino acids for a complete and efficient protein intake.

    Powdered Vegan Protein from Gudgreen has been developed using all-natural ingredients, obtained through organic farming; and at the same time, it has been processed and developed in such a way that this protein provides everything necessary for even the most demanding protein diets. This excellent vegan protein is ideal for athletes who lead a vegan lifestyle, but, at the same time, seek to obtain the best nutrients for the maintenance and improvement of their muscle mass and physical performance, without the need to change their food habits or resort to protein of animal origin.

    Protein is one of the fundamental elements in human nutrition. It contributes, among other things, important amino acids that are required for the correct metabolism of different enzymes essential in the optimal functioning of our organism. Protein of animal origin has been used for a long time, but, that is something that represents a setback for people on a vegetable-based diet. However, Gudgreen offers an effective solution to this problem by putting this extraordinary supplement on the market, with which people can provide their body with the protein necessary for proper muscle development and good physical performance.

    Powdered Vegan Protein from Gudgreen is a natural supplement used to prepare high-protein shakes, which is ideal for the whole family, since it does not contain any counterproductive side effects. With Powdered Vegan Protein from Gudgreen, you can prepare delicious smoothies for breakfast, dinner, snack or any time you want. High-performance athletes, who do high-intensity exercise routines can consume this protein supplement to increase their physical fitness and improve the development of muscle mass in a healthy and clean way. Although it is a vegan product, it has been prepared in a way that offers a great protein contribution.

    Facts of Powdered Vegan Protein from Gudgreen:

    • A product of natural and vegetable origin.
    • Made from high-quality ingredients.
    • Contains a high-protein value.
    • Provides excellent proteins, which contain all the essential amino acids.
    • Improves muscle performance.
    • Ideal for athletes who do high-intensity routines and great physical demands.
    • Safe for the whole family.

    Specifications per 100 g:

    • Energy value: 411 kcal.
    • Contains 8.2 g of fat, of which 1 g are saturated, 1.8 g are monounsaturated, and 4.8 g are polyunsaturated.
    • Has 1.7 g of carbohydrates, of which 1 g are sugars.
    • Has 3.3 g of fiber.
    • Proteins: 81 g.
    • Salt: 1.6 g.

    With Powdered Vegan Protein from Gudgreen, you can prepare delicious protein shakes, which you can even share with your family without any problem, allowing to take a healthy and nutritious beverage that will have a great positive impact on your health and muscular and physical performance.

    Recommended use: as a food supplement, it is recommended to take it 1 or 2 times a day, mixing two tablespoons (equivalent to 30 g) in 300 ml of vegetable milk, or water. You can also prepare by mixing a spoonful of product in oatmeal as an excellent breakfast.

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