Shaker suitable for any sportsman who wants to take and prepare his supplements in any place. Its design is special, with a striking combination of colors that will make anyone show off the best fitness style.

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    Shaker 3XL from 3XL Nutrition: not just a shaker but a great tool on your hands.

    This shakes brings many benefits, something you will not find in another one. Inside of it you can store supplements, energy drinks, water or any other type product you might need in the gym, park or wherever you do your exercise routines.

    A shaker like this is not common in the market because of its many features, aesthetically and functionally, that make it the best. Additionally, its eye-catching design is very ergonomic. Morevoer, it features an anti-lump ball so that supplements and protein shakes can not be better prepared. If we take into account the incredible features it has, then we must agree that it is value for money.

    The brand 3XL Nutrition is very well-known for its highly functional products and the shaker described here, is not an exception. Furthermore, it is made using the best raw material available by a talented team, which makes it the best in the market. No doubt, it is value for money. It features a very comfortable nozzle so you will drink from it very easily. This shaker is watertight thanks to its screw top that ensures there will not be leaks, so its content is protected. There is no match for this product. Finally, It was designed specially for fitness lovers.

    This shaker deserves its own category because its amazing and multiple features: anti-lump ball, watertight and eye-catching design. It is available in green with black. When you buy it you will not only get a top-notch shaker but a unbeatable tool, so do not wait longer order yours!

    Facts of Shaker 3XL from 3XL Nutrition

    • Completely watertight.
    • Features an anti-lump ball.
    • Its nozzle has a lid.
    • Made of top-notch raw materials.

    There is not better container to store your supplements. With this shaker you not only protect the content but you do it with style. In addition, it is very useful, highly recommended. What are you waiting for to buy yours? Buy it now!

    Recommended use: there is not limits to its use because it is a very strong shaker.

    Opiniones de Shaker - 400ml

    Jose Alberto zafra soto 2019-07-31 11:25:58
    Buenas el muelle para que es
    Beltran 2019-07-31 12:36:19
    Hola se utiliza sobre todo para que triture más el polvo, cuando le echa avena o algún polvo de este estilo, es mas granulado y esto hace que no deje tanto grumo.Un saludo
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