Powdered Moringa Leaves from Gudgreen provides the organism with vitality and energy necessary for its proper functioning, and also the minerals and vitamins present in the leaves of the Moringa tree, contributing great benefits such as strengthening of the immune system, reduction of fatigue and fighting against free radicals, delaying the aging process and preventing skin problems; in short, offering the quality of life you deserve.

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    • Ecological cultivation
    • Vegan
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    Promote the well-being that you deserve so much and enjoy a rejuvenated and vigorous body by taking with Powdered Moringa Leaves from Gudgreen.

    Powdered Moringa Leaves from Gudgreen optimizes the healthiness of your body, offers the much needed energy, relieving the symptoms of fatigue and tiredness caused by stress and work activities. Among its most relevant benefits are: fight against free radicals, thus benefiting the cellular system; reinforcement of the immune system, and being a powerful antioxidant. By incorporating this wonderful organic product into your diet, you can ensure the health and vigor of your body.

    Moringa is a medicinal plant, which contains vitamins and minerals, such as iron, vitamin C, polyphenols, among others. It provides a great antioxidant power and allows to keep the skin young while increasing the respiratory capacity; raises the defenses of the organism, and reduces the levels of sugar in the blood. From the benefits of this plant, Gudgreen designed a new great product in powder format, which provides essential benefits to maintain the energy and vigor of the body, protecting the cells against free radicals, and preventing the appearance of heart diseases. Incorporate this magnificent product in your daily diet and start enjoying a better state of health, experiencing that feeling of vigor that you need so much.

    Powdered Moringa Leaves from Gudgreen constitutes a source of energy, since it provides the organism with iron and potassium, minerals that contribute to good health. This powder supplement is easy to prepare, as it comes in a practical powder presentation, which will allow you to easily include it in your daily diet, be it your favorite yogurt, milk, cereals, etc.

    Facts of Powdered Moringa Leaves from Gudgreen

    • 100% natural.
    • Contains vitamins and minerals.
    • Excellent antioxidant.
    • Increases vitality and energy.
    • Invigorates the immune system.
    • Protects cells from free radicals.
    • Keeps the skin healthy and protects it against early aging.

    Specifications per 100 g:

    • Energy value: 205 kcal.
    • Protein: 24.2 g.
    • Has 4.3 g of fat, of which 1.4 g are saturated fats.
    • Has 20.4 g of carbohydrates, of which 7.3 g are sugars.
    • Fiber: 29.5 g.
    • Salt: 0.34 g.
    • Calcium: 2003 mg.
    • Potassium: 1324 mg.

    Powdered Moringa Leaves from Gudgreen is undoubtedly a powerful product, based on 100% natural Moringa leaves, which has been created to provide antioxidant effects, and increase energy, well-being and vigor. As a result, you will feel active and rejuvenated. On top of that, this excellent product can be added to your meals, desserts and juices. Once you have acquired this product, you will begin to enjoy all the benefits it offers. Do not miss the opportunity to acquire this novel product that Gudgreen has made especially for you.

    Recommended use: as a food supplement, it is ideal to add to milk, yogurt, salads, cereals and desserts. Do not consume more than 4 tablespoons a day.

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