Chlorella from Gudgreen is a food supplement of vegetable origin that you can use to provide your diet with the recognized benefits of Chlorella, which in turn will guarantee a high intake of vitamins, minerals and proteins, and thus fill your body with a lot of energy. Likewise, it is a very popular product that has earned the reputation of being an excellent depurative.

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  • Ecological cultivation
  • Vegan
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Chlorella from Gudgreen is a nutritious superfood with purifying properties to cleanse the body.

Chlorella from Gudgreen is a food supplement of natural and organic origin that will benefit you with a high contribution of minerals, fatty acids, proteins and vitamins, which are all excellent nutrients to fill your body with vitality and energy. Plus, as it is a source high in chlorophyll, it significantly increases the production of red blood cells, which helps detoxify the body and improve your health.

Chlorella is a green alga that can reach up to 10 cm in diameter and is characterized by its high chlorophyll content. This plant is highly valued in Japan, being one of the most popular substances of the Nippon cuisine, estimating its consumption in some 200,000 tons a year! Yes, as you hear it, yearly. It is for that reason that Gudgreen has not thought it twice to put this excellent product to the market. Chlorella from Gudgreen is a nutritious food supplement that will allow you to add all the benefits of Chlorella to your favorite recipes, drinks and juices, but that is not all, as it can be used in the preparation of delicious salads or tortillas.

Chlorella from Gudgreen is a product obtained thanks to ecological agriculture, an agrarian method that allows to conserve all the natural benefits of its crops without harming the ecosystem. Thanks to its abundant concentration of chlorophyll, it helps improve the production of red blood cells and promote the removal of dangerous toxins from the body, thus ensuring that your organism is kept clean and healthy. Moreover, this product is extremely nutritious, namely, it is rich in vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and proteins, which makes it a food perfect for people suffering from iron and/or calcium deficiency.

Facts of Chlorella from Gudgreen

  • Obtained from ecological agriculture.
  • 100% natural.
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
  • Nutritious product, rich in vitamins and minerals.
  • Removes toxins naturally.
  • Composed of 60% of vegetable protein.
  • Ideal for the health of the bones because it is abundant in calcium.

Composition per 100 g:

  • 60 g of protein.
  • 15 g of fat.
  • 1.9 mg of vitamin B1.
  • 1.4 mg of vitamin B6.
  • 59 g of vitamin C.
  • 1.5 mg of folic acid.

Chlorella from Gudgreen is the ideal product to promote a healthy diet and lifestyle, because it is abundant in purifying properties. On top of that, it is highly nutritious and guaranteed by Gudgreen, so you will get on your hands a 100% natural product that will provide your body with an abundant contribution of vitamins, minerals and proteins, which are nutrients that will not only boost your health, but also will fill your body with a lot of energy.

Recommended use: as a dietary supplement, take up to 10 tablets a day, do not exceed this dose.

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