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Acerola - 150 tablets

Acerola from Gudgreen is a new natural and dietary supplement, whose formula includes extracts of different exotic fruits. It is mainly based on acerola, a small fruit recognized for its high content of vitamin C and antioxidant properties. Acerola from Gudgreen provides you with all properties of acerola in a practical and effective way.

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    Acerola from Gudgreen is the 100% natural dietary supplement that offers you a practical way of providing your body with all benefits of acerola.

    The brand-new Acerola from Gudgreen is an extraordinary 100% natural acerola-based product. It is perfect for people who really want a dietary and nutritious supplement that allows them, among other things, to help weight control while nourishing their body with good sources of vitamins and minerals.

    Acerola from Gudgreen is made from 100% natural and high-quality acerola, in order to have all its properties, and user can obtain all its nutritional properties from acerola in one single product.

    Acerola from Gudgreen, being natural, contains good amounts of vitamin C, with which it helps to improve the immune system, thus strengthening the defenses of the body and keeping it healthy and protected from possible diseases.

    In addition, Acerola from Gudgreen is a dietary supplement that contains antioxidant benefits. Antioxidants are responsible for preventing the oxidation of the body's cells, that is, their wear and tear and aging caused by free radicals.

    Acerola from Gudgreen's antioxidant power is recognized for its natural effectiveness, allowing cells to keep healthier, which is undoubtedly an essential factor for a good health. In addition, Acerola from Gudgreen is a dietary supplement, which means that it effectively contributes to weight loss, since it does not have ingredients in its formula that promote unwanted weight gain in people seeking to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

    The main advantages of Acerola from Gudgreen lies in its antioxidant property and amount of vitamin C. In fact, acerola is known for its great antioxidant power, since this property is more evident and stronger in this fruit than in others of its kind. This ability is responsible for slowing down the cellular aging of the body, and in addition to the skin, making it look younger and healthier.

    The amount of vitamin C is also important, since it not only promotes the strengthening of the immune system, but also works as a biological sunscreen, significantly reducing the impact of the sun's rays on the skin. Providing your body with vitamin C also promotes the proper synthesis of collagen in the body.

    Main characteristics of Acerola from Gudgreen:

    • Contains 100% natural extracts of different exotic fruits.
    • Made from 100% natural acerola.
    • Dietary supplement.
    • Provides vitamin C.
    • Contains excellent antioxidant properties.
    • Has no side effects.

    Nutrition facts per tablet of Acerola from Gudgreen:

    • 450 mg of organic acerola extract (from vit.C).
    • 250 mg of mango powder.
    • 100 mg of baobab powder.
    • 100 mg of moringa leaves in powder.

    With the 100% natural Acerola from Gudgreen you will be closer to a healthy life, and the best thing is that you can get closer to that goal thanks to a natural and healthy product that has no side effects but only provides extraordinary benefits  you can enjoy from the beginning.

    Recommended use: as a dietary supplement, it is recommended to take three (3) tablets of Acerola from Gudgreen per day, taking one (1) tablet half an hour before every meal.

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