Dumon Salmon Loin from Smart Foods is a delicious food that will allow you to taste at any time the delicious taste of salmon wherever you go. Easy to prepare, ideal to accompany with other foods, such as salads, rice, pasta, among others. Free of fats, sugars, carbohydrates and gluten.

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    • Gluten Free
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    Dumon Salmon Loin from Smart Foods is the most delicious salmon ever tasted, with a great flavor that will delight your palate and with a high protein value. A totally natural product, preferred by everyone.

    Dumon Salmon Loin from Smart Foods with a great content of proteins, vital for the organism giving our tissues in the muscles the necessary nutrients to grow, and a natural source of Omega 3, fatty acids that help to reduce the bad cholesterol (LDL), while raising the good cholesterol (HDL), helping to repair the tissues that we suffer when we train or make important physical efforts while regulating blood pressure and improves the circulatory system especially at the heart level.

    Dumon Salmon Loin from Smart Foods also contains vitamin D, which makes the consumption of this is fully recommended to strengthen bones and skin. It includes other vitamins such as A, B2, B3, B6, B9 and B12 and minerals such as iodine, magnesium, zinc that makes Dumon Salmon a must-have for the most demanding athletes.

    Dumon Salmon Loin from Smart Foods is a low-salt food product, making it a totally healthy food, and that helps you to lead a healthy diet. It is one of the foods preferred by athletes as it stimulates growth and helps maintain muscle mass.

    Facts of Dumon Salmon Loin from Smart Foods

    • High Omega-3 content
    • A source of natural protein, many vitamins and very low in salt
    • Ideal to accompany them with other foods such as salads, pasta and rice.
    • Improves fat metabolism
    • Accelerates recovery after workout
    • Greatly reduces cholesterol in the body
    • Unique texture and flavor
    • Cardiovascular system help
    • Stimulates the growth of body muscles
    • Does not contain carbohydrates, sugars or gluten
    • Promotes bone health
    • 100% Reliable Food

    Dumon Salmon Loin from Smart Foods is the food for those who bet for a healthy diet and an active life full of energy, with a lot of sport activity, and a delicious flavor to accompany all the dishes of the table. Dumon Salmon Loin from Smart Foods is ideal for the most demanding athletes looking for a good performance, with the extra protein and minerals provided by Smart Foods, a successful brand in the food market, and tested by many. Bodybuilders and Fitness prefer the main dish Dumon Salmon.

    Recommended Use: as a delicious food, consume the Dumon Salmon Loin from Smart Foods at room temperature. It can be consumed with bread, fresh or toasted, or in salads.

    Opiniones de Salmon - 90g

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