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Natural chicken breast - 160g

Natural Chicken Breast by Grupo Dumon is an excellent food product for anyone who wants to lead a healthy life. It is high in protein and low in saturated fat. It is recommended for athletes and / or amateur or professional athletes who wish to obtain a better physical performance.

    Take care of your health without leaving all the delicious flavours with Natural Chicken Breast by Grupo Dumon. A product that will completely change your life.

    Natural Chicken Breast by Grupo Dumon is a healthy but exquisite food product that will help you to have a better physical performance. That is to say, it is an important source of protein, especially if it is a series of exercises where resistance plays a fundamental role in carry out the workouts. Now, this delicious breast is prepared, cooked and packaged foloowing the highest quality standards. In addition, it is ready to eat, so you only have to open it and taste it. You can eat it with other ingredients such as vegetables or brown rice, obtaining healthy and delicious meals.

    What are the characteristics of the Dumon Group Natural Chicken Breast?

    • It is a food product
    • It has a selection of quality raw materials
    • It is prepared with natural ingredients
    • It has an exceptional taste
    • It contains large chunks of chicken
    • It comes dipped in its own juice
    • It is ready for consumption
    • It has a high protein content
    • It contributes to physical endurance
    • It is perfect for sportsmen and / or athletes

    Ingredients and format of the Natural Chicken Breast by Dumon Group 

    Natural Chicken Breast by Dumon Group has a presentation of natural chicken breast fillets with its own juice. It is packaged in an easy-to-open container for better convenience. In addition, it has ingredients such as chicken fillets, water and salt, which are carefully selected to guarantee their quality and wonderful flavor that will delight everyone who consumes it.

    Content per 100 g:

    • It has an energy value of 81 Kcal
    • It has 1.0 g of fat, of which 0.3 g are saturated
    • It has less than 0.2 g of carbohydrates, of which less than 0.2 g is sugar
    • It contains 26 grams of protein, among other natural ingredients.

    Why trying Natural Chicken Breast by Dumon Group?

    This delicious product contributes to development and resistance during physical training, thanks to its content of proteins. In addition, it collaborates with those who want or need to keep a healthy diet, while still consuming delicious, nutritious and flavorful meals. In this order of ideas, the Dumon Group Natural Chicken Breast is perfect for creating exquisite and visually delicious dishes, offering endless combinations for everyone. It can be combined with vegetables, greens, brown rice, among other foods. It is the perfect food stuff to help you to supplement a healthy and beneficial diet for your body. It shortens the preparation times since it is ready for consumption.

    Natural Chicken Breast by Grupo Dumon is perfect for anybody who wants or needs to include proteins in the daily diet. It will improve the performance in exercise routines in and out of the gym, also including a better execution of all types of sports discipline. In this sense, this wonderful food product is recommended for sportsmen and / or athletes and for people in general who want to change their lives and have a healthier diet full of vitality.

    How to eat the Natural Chicken Breast?

    • As a food supplement, open it and taste it alone or with other ingredients.
    • Eat it as many times as you want
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