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Grupo Dumon is a brand dedicated to the production of canned salmon in a totally natural way, without using preservatives that could affect health or alter the taste of the product. Salmon commercialized by Grupo Dumon has a high biological value and is very rich in 100% pure natural proteins that add great value to the daily.

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21% dtoNatural chicken breast - 160g
Natural chicken breast - 160gGrupo Dumon
Natural Chicken Breast by Grupo Dumon is an excellent food product for anyone who wants to lead...
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23% dtoNatural salmon - 160g Grupo Dumon - 1
Natural salmon - 160gGrupo Dumon
Natural Salmon by Grupo Dumon is a food supplement that offers authentic Norwegian salmon...
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28% dtoSmoked tuna steaks - 160g
Smoked tuna steaks - 160gGrupo Dumon
Enjoy these big and delicious Smoked Tuna Fillets in Vegetable Oil that Grupo Dumon provides. It...
Natural tuna - 650g Grupo Dumon - 1
Natural tuna - 650gGrupo Dumon
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15% dtoMackerel fillets in olive oil - 120g
Mackerel fillets in olive oil - 120gGrupo Dumon
21% dtoSardines in olive oil - 120g Grupo Dumon - 1
Sardines in olive oil - 120gGrupo Dumon
23% dtoSardines natural - 90g Grupo Dumon - 1
Sardines natural - 90gGrupo Dumon
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Grupo Dumon is a company specialized in the production of packaged salmon. It is a brand that was born in Granada, which offers a completely natural product and perfectly packaged under a large number of quality standards that ensure that the final product is of excellent quality. Grupo Dumon brings to your table a rich Norwegian salmon, packaged submerged in its juice, which you can taste anywhere.

This brand produces the richest packaged salmon you can eat, because the way used to produce such product prevents it from losing its natural properties, such as taste, texture, smell and appearance, so when you eat this product, you will feel on your palate all the deliciousness and freshness of salmon, just as if it were just taken out of the sea.

With its packaged salmon, Grupo Dumon brings its consumers all the facilities; you can taste salmon without complications in a practical way, knowing that the product you will eat is completely natural and also that it is ready for consumption, that is, you just need to serve and eat.

The products manufactured by this brand are suitable for the consumption of any person, as long as they are not intolerant to seafood. These products can be eaten in any combination of foods. Its products are unique and come in a very presentable packaging that undoubtedly indicate that its contents are of excellent quality. In addition, Grupo Dumon also has a gourmet range, in which the products come in easy-open containers, so that the consumer has a better and more pleasant experience when opening their packaged salmon, with just pulling the container opens up easily, with which this company seeks to leave its mark in the history of packaged products, offering a salmon of excellent quality, and at the same time, ease of use.

The products of this brand are suitable for any type of consumer, they are products that provide all the benefits of salmon, as this company cares about the well-being of its consumers and also cares about offering a practical use, and at the same time, offers all the nutritional contribution necessary for successfully coping with intense activities. Due to all those great benefits, people prefer to buy the products of this company to those of other brands.

Grupo Dumon has become the favorite brand of many people all over the world, making its salmon stand out as main course in a variety of dishes such as rice, pasta, salads, pizzas, seafood cocktails, and even foods of faster preparation such as cookies, bread, among other combinations, since the products of this prestigious brand are convenient for any situation, time, occasion, and the taste of people.

Grupo Dumon only offers the best!