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Shirt Grenade Black

Shirt Grenade Black from Grenade is made of 100% high quality cotton and has the Grenade logo printed on the front and back. It is a quality garment designed to perform physical activity and can be used by both sexes. It is a garment created with the quality and guarantee of Grenade products.


    Shirt Grenade Black from Grenade is made in 100% cotton fabric. Grenade has used the most used fiber in the world to design this garment. It is a cotton that comes from the cotton plant and is soft, natural and breathable. Cotton is soft and comfortable and also has hypoallergenic properties; it also does not irritate sensitive skin or cause allergies. Cotton fibers are spun tightly in the weave of the yarn so they do not irritate the skin or cause static electricity. This is why the garments that are in contact with the skin are of this material, such as t-shirts and underwear. 

    Grenade has used all-natural cotton that does not contain chemicals. Natural fabrics such as cotton are highly breathable fibers and facilitate air circulation, preventing the development of fungi in dark and humid environments. Synthetic fabrics do not have such ventilation and tight clothing made from manufactured materials can stimulate the development of fungi. Shirt Grenade Black from Grenade quickly absorbs moisture from the body and helps keep it dry, because it does not stick to the skin, favoring the evaporation of perspiration in the air. Cotton also has the property of extracting heat from the skin, keeping the body fresh and comfortable in hot climates.

    Shirt Grenade Black from Grenade is a strong, economical and versatile garment. Cotton is strong, abrasion resistant and durable. In addition garments from Grenade are made with machine-washable cotton and also withstand several washes in hot water. The cotton fibers used by Grenade also stain very well, so do not fade in the wash. Remember to find the exact size of the Shirt Grenade Black, because cotton clothing has little elasticity and does not give way when washing. Cotton is likely to shrink after the first wash. Cotton garments require outdoor drying. It is also advisable, in the washing process, to turn the garment upside down before washing so that it does not lose its colors and use the shorter wash cycle.

    Shirt Grenade Black from Grenade is designed to accompany you in physical activity every day. It gives you the look you need while building your body and makes you feel comfortable and cool. Also Shirt Grenade Black can be used by women or men who give importance to the image they project.

    Grenade products are recognized worldwide and are used by professional sportsmen and athletes and amateurs.

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