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List of products by brand Grenade

Grenade is an English brand of sports supplements that strives to bring the most powerful, effective and high quality products to the most demanding athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Founded in 2010 and since then, it has been highly recognized in the world of sports thanks to its extensive track record in research and winner of the most important awards of the year.

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40% dtoGrenade AT4 - 120 capsules
Grenade AT4 - 120 capsulesGrenade
AT4 Anabolic Devastation is a precursor testosterone supplement which offers a better hormonal...
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40% dtoGrenade® Ration Pack - 120 capsules
Grenade® Ration Pack - 120 capsulesGrenade
Grenade® Ration Pack: a complete matrix with vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, antioxidants and...
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Vest grenade black
Shirt Grenade BlackGrenade
Shirt Grenade Black from Grenade is made of 100% high quality cotton and has the Grenade logo...
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45% dtoGrenade thermo detonator stim free - 100 caps
Grenade Thermo Detonator Without Stimulants - 80 capsulesGrenade
Grenade Thermo Detonator Without Stimulants is a revolutionary thermogenic formula for men and...
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20% dtoGrenade black ops - 44 capsules
Grenade Black Ops - 44 capsulesGrenade
Grenade Black Ops from Grenade is a powerful sports supplement developed for weight control....
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41% dto.50 Calibre - 20 servings
.50 Calibre - 20 servingsGrenade
Grenade ® . 50 Caliber It is a hard detonator pre-workout designed to make every workout an...
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Black Ops - 100 caps
Black Ops - 100 capsGrenade
Black Ops by Grenade is the most hardcore solution for weight loss and fat, currently on the...
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Defend - 345 g
Defend - 345 gGrenade
Defend by Grenade is the perfect supplement made from the best amino acids, to prepare a...
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21% dtoGrenade thermo detonator - 44 capsules
Grenade Thermo Detonator - 44 capsulesGrenade
We present you the best and most effective fat burner from around the world, Grenade Thermo...
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29% dtoShaker grenade - 700ml
Shaker from Grenade - 700mlGrenade
Shaker from Grenade is an innovative design glass shaker that provides the best functions of a...
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Build a perfect musculature, more than a healthy lifestyle, is a passion for many today, therefore, supplementation is a key and indispensable factor for them. The good news is that in the market there are brands that are widely specialized in satisfying the demands and needs of the most demanding athletes. On this occasion, we have Grenade, an English brand dedicated to the manufacture of high quality products for high impact workouts, ideal for men and women requiring incredibly powerful supplements.

Grenade is an innovative and reliable sports brand founded in 2010 in England, since then, it has grown rapidly and now sells products to more than 100 countries. It has great followers ranging from professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts and active people from all over the world. Generally, from its early beginnings, Grenade has been characterized by certain key achievements that have positioned the brand among the leaders in sports nutrition. To mention some, in 2013, one of its products obtained the privilege of achieving the name of Fat Burner of the Year, in 2014 reached the position as Entrepreneur of the Year and in 2015 obtained the title as International Brand of the Year.

Grenade is one of the brands of sports nutrition that has received the most support and recognition in the market, backed by unique branding strategies, marketing and, as previously mentioned, numerous awards both in the diet sector and in the world of business. However, its high quality and development of cutting-edge supplements have not only been manufactured under these prestigious pillars, on the contrary, the company has a wide support in terms of manufacturing processes to commit to its customers, their goals and performance.

Grenade produces sports supplements in highly specialized facilities to control the ingredients, test them and researched scientifically hand in hand with professionals in sports and diet to bring the best to users. A plus point is that it has achieved ISO 9001 and MHRA approval, and the same way, it has GMP, which means that the supplements are designed under optimal practices and have force by law. In addition, it is worth noting that Grenade uses verifications at all stages of the production process, carried out by a Quality Control Team and with a wide experience covering all aspects of guarantee.

A high-impact workout always deserves the best support to advance, achieve the best results and reach the peak of performance, which is why Grenade must be present in the sports nutrition of the world's strongest athletes.