Waterbottle - 1900ml

Waterbottle for training from Got7 is a practical drum to take to the gym and maintain the qualities of sports drinks to enjoy optimum hydration. It has an airtight lid and anti-slip material to prevent falls or spills during training. In addition, it is ideal to prepare the usual pre and post workout shakes, preserving its flavor for many hours.

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    Waterbottle for training from Got7 to maintain the quality and temperature of the shakes for many hours.

    Waterbottle for training from Got7 is an excellent sports bottle ideal for transporting all liquids to training, from water, energy drinks, isotonic gels, to protein shakes in order to maintain a suitable temperature and provide highly refreshing drinks when the occasion demands. Made of very resistant materials to cushion falls and bumps in the gym. Exactly what an athlete needs to replenish nutrients and continue giving everything. Sports practice demands significant amounts of nutrients during physical activity, such as electrolytes, energy, calories, proteins, vitamins, minerals, sugar, etc., otherwise fatigue and tiredness could ruin everything.

    Waterbottle for training from Got7 is the athletic complement that every professional athlete or beginner in the fitness world needs for optimal hydration or replenishment of nutrients. In addition to maintaining a suitable temperature, it will also maintain its consistency and properties after several hours. It is even a good alternative to prepare pre and post workout shakes thanks to its high hermetic protection to stir and obtain a creamy product without spills or lumps. Another point in its favor is that it is very light because unlike conventional drums, this is a product specially designed to facilitate the practice of sports and offer total comfort without having to interrupt training to go for a liquid drink. Another point in its favor is that thanks to its advanced anti-slip grip design prevents slips provoked by sweat or the same liquid contained in the bottle. That is why it is practically a requirement to bring drinks to training and a good way to conserve its properties and temperature is by using a Waterbottle for training from Got7, which helps to store and drink any sports drink and with the great advantage that it will not lose its flavor.

    Facts of Waterbottle for training from Got7

    • With airtight lid to prevent spills
    • Maintains an adequate temperature of drinks for many hours
    • Preserves the authentic taste and quality of the drinks
    • Suitable for preparing pre and post workout shakes
    • Anti-shock and anti-slip
    • Easy and convenient to carry
    • 100% resistant and durable product

    With Waterbottle for training from Got7, it is very easy to achieve any sports goal thanks to its ability to offer the best hydration and replenishment of nutrients. Do not hesitate to choose it, as it is attractive and at the same time of excellent quality and durability.

    Recommended Use: pour sports liquids, such as water, isotonic gels, energy drinks, protein shakes, meringues or juices before, during or after exercise.

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