Rio Crunch (Protein Wafers) - 20g

Rio Crunch (Protein Wafers) from Got7 is the snack that every athlete should eat since it contains a high percentage of protein for an adequate maintenance of the musculature, in addition, with abundant content of carbohydrates to provide energy and help achieve the goals. Extra crunchy and delicious flavor to lead an active lifestyle without giving up cravings.

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Rio Crunch (Protein Wafers) from Got7, delicious and high in protein for muscle maintenance.

Rio Crunch (Protein Wafers) from Got7 are delicious extra crunchy wafers with high protein content to offer a healthy and nutritious consumption to people who carry a strict training plan and wish to contribute to the proper maintenance of the musculature without giving up a delicious flavor. Rio Crunch (Protein Wafers) from Got7 unlike other snacks, breaks with all the schemes, it is a snack with a high percentage of protein, with the good news that also provides carbohydrates to increase energy before or during training, and thus, to reach the goals. It contains only proteins of the highest quality such as whey of quick assimilation and effectiveness from the first bite.

In addition to the powdered supplements that are recommended for the consumption of sportsmen, it is also ideal to incorporate other supplements into the diet that will be of great help in the recovery process, especially if you want to develop muscle mass. In this case, Rio Crunch (Protein Wafers) from Got7 is the perfect ally to achieve without needing to prepare milkshakes. Best of all, thanks to the comfortable format of these delicious 20 g wafers, they are very practical when you move to the gym or to a competition. They can be carried in the backpack and eaten when the body requires it. They can even be consumed between hours, since a healthy style does not mean giving up the pleasure of sweet tastes, on the contrary, what is important is to look for healthy solutions and one of them is Rio Crunch (Protein Wafers), ideal for satisfying hunger or cravings.  

Facts of Rio Crunch (Protein Wafers) from Got7

  • Extra crunchy with delicious flavor
  • With 20% protein
  • Contributes to the proper maintenance of the musculature
  • Provides carbohydrates for an abundant source of energy
  • Whey Protein, High Quality and Assimilation
  • Comfortable 20 g format to eat at any time
  • Suitable for athletes or fitness enthusiasts who lead an active lifestyle

Currently, in the market we can find a great selection of sports appetizers of different brands and flavors, however, not all are adequate to achieve the objectives as some do not provide the nutrients needed to meet the requirements. The good news is that Rio Crunch (Protein Wafers) from Got7 contains everything an athlete needs to stay healthy and at the same time get a well-developed musculature.

Recommended use: eat 1 serving of 20 g before training. You can eat an extra dose, but it depends on the nutritional requirements.

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