Protein Snack (nachos) - 50g

Protein Snack (nachos) from Got7, in its 50 grams format, is perfect for replenishing energy after exercise and also for providing proteins that prevent muscle mass loss. At the end of a training routine, it is necessary to recover from fatigue, which is achieved thanks to the immediate input of calories from this food.

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    Protein Snack (nachos) from Got7, excellent source of protein to maintain muscle mass and avoid catabolism.

    Protein Snack (nachos) from Got7 is sold in a bag with capacity for 50 grams. It is a nutritional supplement presented in the same format as the popular "nachos". They contain a very high amount of protein. In fact, each of them provides 29% of its content in proteins. To get an idea of the exact amount, it is necessary to indicate that the whole packet of this food weighs 50 grams, of which 15 correspond to proteins.

    In addition, it happens that these proteins come from soy and potato. They are 100% natural and perfect for those who are vegetarian or vegan. To top it off, it happens that this product has a total of 206 kcal in all the contents of its packaging. It is recommended to consume only half a serving preferably after an exercise routine. In this way, it is possible to restore the energy consumed and can continue with the planned sports program. For all these reasons, Protein Snack (nachos) from Got7 is a product designed for people dedicated to physical activity and requires protein to maintain their muscle tone.

    Two elements are necessary when resting after an intense day of physical activity: replenishing energy (calories) and raw material to replenish worn out muscle cells (proteins). Thanks to Protein Snack (nachos) from Got7, both needs are covered. Calories allow the body to provide energy that helps overcome fatigue quickly. In this way, the athlete does not lose minutes of inactivity. Another important issue is the need to provide protein to prevent muscle catabolism. This happens due to the high consumption of oxygen in muscles, which generates lactic acid. It leads to decreased muscle mass, which is prevented by supplying proteins that replenish worn tissues in physical activity. As you can appreciate, it is very important the caloric intake at the end of a hard workout. The fatigue margin is reduced, body power is restored and muscle tissues undergoing an excessive working pattern are protected.

    Facts of Protein Snack (nachos) from Got7

    • Sold in packets of 50 grams
    • Flavored with paprika
    • 206 kcal per packet
    • Large amount of protein
    • Proteins are of vegetable origin: soy and potatoes
    • Provides the body with energy
    • Prevents muscle catabolism

    With the calorie and protein contents of this delicious product, you get the necessary nutrients to avoid the decrease of muscle mass and replenish energy used in exercises.

    Recommended use: it can be tasted at any time of the day and as an occasional snack. The ideal is to consume only half a bag per serving, to avoid excess calories.

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