Protein Flips from Got7, in its presentation of 50 grams, are a very positive supplement for any sports diet. It provides up to 25% protein per bite, which prevents muscle catabolism. It is also rich in unsaturated fats.

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    Protein Flips from Got7, delicious snacks to supplement the protein diet of athletes and sportsmen.

    Protein Flips from Got7 are distributed to the public in packets of 50 grams. It is a delicious barbecue-flavored snack. They are an ideal alternative to substitute similar foods, except that they are healthier and have a plus of great value: each has up to 25% protein. It is a fairly high amount, which allows the recovery of worn muscle tissue during physical activity. In this way, the so-called process of muscle catabolism is avoided.

    So important protein intake is supplemented by another property. It happens that it has few saturated fats, in fact does not stain the hands when eating them. In contrast, in its composition it has a high concentration of so-called unsaturated fats. The latter help prevent various cardiovascular diseases, especially as they counteract the onset of cholesterol. In this way, Protein Flips from Got7 become a snack that besides being exquisite, has great nutritional properties. Ideal for athletes who need to replenish protein after a workout and want to increase muscle tone.

    Sports programs for athletes imply the challenge of adjusting to a menu that is often unattractive to the palate. Excessive consumption of sugars and fats is necessary, since both substances are present in a good part of succulent recipes. However, Protein Flips from Got7 provide a delicious snack. They have a great barbecue flavor and also its texture is extremely enjoyable. In addition, they offer indispensable requirements for every person keen on sports disciplines. Its high amount of protein causes the muscle tissue to recover. Every time intense physical activity is done, the muscles will wear out and lose a certain amount of cells. The only one to recover them is with a supply of protein, which combined with amino acids, not only manage to restore but also increase the volume of the overall musculature. Added to this is the invaluable presence of unsaturated fats that fight cholesterol, atherosclerosis and keeps the veins clean of the body so that blood circulates without problems. Undoubtedly, this sandwich is perfect for every athlete.

    Facts of Protein Flips from Got7

    • In packets of 50 grams
    • Taste of barbecue
    • 25% protein for each
    • Important input of unsaturated fats
    • 192 calories a packet
    • Prevents catabolism
    • Eliminates cholesterol

    Thanks to this product, athletes can taste a delicious sandwich that provides them with proteins and unsaturated fats, thus maintaining muscle tone and a good cardiovascular system.

    Recommended use: consume only half a packet per serving. If you eat a whole packet, you get too many calories.

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