Protein chips - 50g

Protein Chips from Got7 are potato snacks with a delicious and highly healthy flavor. In addition, they are low in fat, carbohydrates and contain 20 g of protein per bag, suitable for fitness diets or sportsmen in the stage of definition of the musculature. There are no excuses for not eating protein and at the same time satisfying a craving!

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    Protein Chips from Got7, low-fat and high-protein snack to take care of health without giving up cravings

    Protein Chips from Got7 are the first potatoes with 20 g of protein and low in fat and carbohydrates to eat at any time and maintain a healthy lifestyle. They are the perfect snack to satisfy cravings without harming a fitness diet or muscle definition.

    It is no secret that potato chips are foods that are highly harmful to nutrition because they are made with fats, starch, carbohydrates and high percentages of salt, which, when eaten, increase blood cholesterol levels. However, Got7 has thought of people who like to take care of their health and, in turn, satisfy cravings, that is why, brings to our comfort the best potatoes with 40% protein for each bag and with delicious natural taste, much better than other brands we found in the supermarket.

    Protein Chips from Got7 are appropriate to eat at any time, but especially after training since proteins are essential for recovery, and added with rich potatoes the experience is much more pleasant and appetizing. Also, they can be accompanied in the snack for people who want to lose weight since having little carbohydrates and fats, they are a perfect alternative to take care of the weight. Protein Chips from Got7 unlike other products and traditional potatoes, they do not need preparation, much less fry them! As they come in a comfortable presentation of 50 g in bag to take it to all places and eat a nutritious snack at any time. In addition, they do not get your hands dirty thanks to its low content of saturated fats. There's no excuse for eating protein if it's Protein Chips from Got7!

    Facts of Protein Chips from Got7

    • Delicious low-fat and low-carbohydrate potato snack
    • 20 g of protein in each 50-g bag
    • Only potatoes that have 40% protein and with natural flavor
    • Suitable for fitness or sports diets in the definition stage
    • Ideal for eating anywhere or after training
    • Comfortable format of 50 g to eat wherever
    • Do not get your hands dirty given your low saturated fat content
    • Available in Paprika and Sour Cream & Onion Flavors

    It seems that taking care of health and delighting delicious cravings is impossible, as most products are highly harmful given its content in fat, carbohydrates, calories, salt, etc., however, Protein Chips from Got7 are exactly what it is needed for 100% healthy consumption.

    Recommended use: open the sachet of 50 g and eat at any time of day. In the case of athletes eat after physical activity.

    Reviews Protein chips - 50g

    • 11/23/2017

    Están muy buenas...pero te pringas mucho los dedos....tienen todas las variedades demasiado pringue del saborizante

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