No more tasteless and boring meals! You will be amazed with the exquisite taste of new GOT7 Premium Sauce® - Pineapple and Chili Sauce in its presentation of 240 ml. It is made to enhance the taste of your food. It combines the sweet taste of pineapple with the spicy taste the chili in order to give your dishes an exotic touch, but it is also low in calories and sugar.

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    GOT7 Premium Sauce® - Pineapple and Chili Sauce, a surprising experience of flavors.

    It may seem hard to imagine a pineapple sauce, usually used as a syrup for desserts, being used as accompaniment to salty meals. GOT7 Premium Sauce® - Pineapple and Chili Sauce, in which the sweetness of pineapples meets the spiciness of the chili, and gives a result a bittersweet taste. Put on your table food with the best flavor.

    It contains 15% pineapple and 8% concentrated pineapple juice, so you can bring fruit to your diet. The pineapple is a plant of the bromeliads family, native to South America. It is rich in vitamin C, and have diuretic, anti-inflammatory and depurative effects, promotes the processes of fat burning and extra calories. It has components that promote the decrease of the percentage of lipids in the blood flow, thus improving the circulation. The heart of the pineapple has been recommended in slimming regimes, as it contains fiber, which allows the feeling of satiety to be stronger with less amount of food. Its pleasant smell comes from the ethyl butyrate, which is used in juices and extracts, as a natural essence.

    The chili contains important quantities of vitamin A, has more vitamin C than the citrus fruits and strengthens the immune system. It has a large concentration of beta carotenes and flavonoids, which translates into antioxidant properties. The capsaicin contained in the chili maximizes the metabolic activity and helps burn fat. It stimulates the production of endorphins, so its consumption produces a pleasant state.

    This recipe comes from Southeast Asia, where it is common the use of sauces with strong flavors, such as spicy and bittersweet. It is usually combined with ginger, but by mixing it with chili, this seasoning gets a stronger flavor. Pineapple as a tropical fruit and Mexican chili (the most used in this recipe) make this dressing a real burst of flavors.

    With only 43 calories, 0.1 grams of fat, and 7 grams of sugar per 100 ml, GOT7 Premium Sauce® - Pineapple and Chili Sauce is very low and in calories, fat and sugar, so it is ideal for people who are on a low-calorie diet. It also worth mentioning that this tasty gourmet recipe has an intense and delicious taste.

    It is an excellent accompaniment to rice, chicken, some meats and snacks.

    Facts of GOT7 Premium Sauce® - Pineapple and Chili Sauce:

    • Intense flavor.
    • Top quality.
    • Gourmet recipe.
    • Contains fruit.
    • Low in calories, fat and sugar.

    All the flavor your food needs, with a minimum calorie contribution, is in GOT7 Premium Sauce® - Pineapple and Chili Sauce. Flavor and quality in just one product! A flavor that will satisfy your palate!

    Recommended use: as a dressing for meals.

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