Copa (Wafer Biscuits) from Got7, in its 25-gram packet format, is a delicious waffer-type biscuit with about 5 grams of whey protein insulated in each serving, making it an excellent chocolate-based, low-calorie dessert that will benefit gain and maintenance of lean muscle mass.

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    Copa (Wafer Biscuits) from Got7, delicious waffer biscuit with protein to maintain and build muscle mass.

    Copa (Wafer Biscuits) from Got7 is commercially available to the public in 25-gram packets. This is a very special appetizer. The idea is to give athletes a biscuit that, in addition to a pleasant taste and crunchy texture, gives athlete's body inputs to improve his body performance. In this particular case, the raw material to increase muscle tone and volume is supplied, we refer to proteins. These are necessary after intense physical activity, because combined with the amino acids they regenerate the muscle fibers worn during intense exercises. In this way, the so-called catabolism is prevented. Likewise, it is possible to increase the amount of cells that integrate this type of tissue.

    This is a delicious snack made of biscuit and chocolate. It is a wafer biscuit with magnificent nutritional values, among which we can mention the following: 129 calories per biscuit, high amount of unsaturated fat per serving, most of its caloric content derives from a total of 23 grams of carbohydrates per biscuit, a good amount of fibers that helps to improve the digestive system and to remove fats, as well as a very high amount of proteins (20 grams of pure protein in each biscuit). All the combination of the above has favorable repercussions on the body of athletes. Energy is obtained for athletic work. Being overweight is avoided because the calories are consumed in the form of carbohydrates and not carbohydrates. In addition, you gain a protein intake that protects and helps increase muscle volume. Finally, and not least, there is a succulent dessert that accompanies the strict diet that every athlete should respect. In this sense, it is possible to consume proteins in a healthier way, because in the common diet they are usually obtained in the meats, which carry the disadvantage of the amount of fats that they incorporate. For these reasons, the product Copa (Wafer Biscuits) from Got7 is highly recommended for all who wish to increase their muscle volume.

    Facts of Copa (Wafer Biscuits) from Got7

    • Sold in packets of 25 grams
    • 20 grams of protein per biscuit
    • 109 kcal per biscuit
    • Provides fibers for digestion and removes fats
    • Helps protect and gain muscle volume
    • Prevents catabolism
    • Ideal for anyone who practices sports

    These biscuits represent a relief in the diets that athletes must follow. Its crunchy texture and flavor are just delicious. 100% healthy, provide energy and protein to the body.

    Recommended use: consume as a dessert, after each meal. Although it is preferable to eat them during sports activities, at intervals of one hour.

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