Cabanas (Milk Cream Filling), in packets of 32 pieces each, is a supplement to the diet of every athlete. It provides a huge amount of protein and an adequate dose of calories both for muscle development and for obtaining energy for physical activity.

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    Cabanas (Milk Cream Filling) - 105g se suele comprar con

    Cabanas (Milk Cream Filling) from Got7, excellent source of protein to build muscle cleanly.

    Cabanas (Milk Cream Filling) from Got7 is sold in packets of 105 grams. Each packet includes 32 pieces, filled with a magnificent chocolate cream. They contain a lot of protein, so it is very useful for those who do sports activity and need to increase their muscle mass, while avoiding catabolism. Made from vegetable fats (coconut and palm), a good dose of whey protein powder, chickpea flour, corn starch, lecithin and a whole range of ingredients that are very useful for any athlete. In addition, each of these delicious snacks contains 109 kcal, which represents an excellent amount to replenish energy after a day of sports. Of these, most come from carbohydrates of slow absorption, that is, they take time to become lipids that can trigger obesity. For all these reasons, the product Milk Cream Filling from Got7 is an ideal dessert for those who exercise and must undergo strict diets, as they get a dessert that allows them to overcome the rigid dietary pattern to which they must undergo.

    One of the keys in the diet of athletes is to get an adequate dose of protein and calories in food, but without this causing overweight. For this reason products like Milk Cream Filling from Got7 have been created. The idea is to add to the body a good amount of proteins that manage to increase muscle mass, in order to have more strength, power and capacity. Also, have calories that, combined with oxygen from the lungs, result in an energy source to help maximize sports performance at its highest levels. To achieve this, it is necessary that such calories come from carbohydrates of slow absorption, because that way the body does not assimilate them like fats quickly. All these advantages are obtained by consuming this product. To which is added, its exquisite flavor and texture. In this way, a dose of protein is combined in a single mouthful, input of calories for energy consumption and a rich experience in taste.

    Facts of Cabanas (Milk Cream Filling) from Got7

    • Sold in boxes of 105 grams
    • Each box contains 32 cabanas
    • Large amount of protein
    • Calories from slow absorption
    • Input of raw material for muscle tissues
    • Prevents catabolism
    • Ideal for athletes

    It is a delicious snack and correctly dosed to avoid carrying obesity problems. Its crunchy texture and flavor combine with its nutritional properties to make it an excellent food for every athlete.

    Recommended Use: eat as a dessert, after meals. Also, before and during physical activity to replenish energies.

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