Brownie Mix plus Protein from Got7 has been designed to make delicious brownies that also have high nutritional values. They contain a low amount of calories, which is due to the low proportion of sugars and carbohydrates in their elaboration. To this is added that it is intended for those who are engaged in sports.

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Brownie Mix plus Protein from Got7. Enjoy delicious low-calorie and fat-free protein desserts.

Brownie Mix plus Protein from Got7 has been designed to compensate for strict diets which athletes must undergo, giving the opportunity to enjoy delicious desserts without resulting in overweight. Thanks to this product, you can make delicious brownies with a chocolate flavor that will please your palate. They are extremely healthy. One of its major advantages is having up to 50% less carbohydrates and sugars than similar snacks, achieving less calories that eventually can become lipids involving overweight ingested. Thus, it is widely recommended for diabetics. However, it must also be said that it has been designed for athletes, especially those who need to increase their muscle volume. This is because it has a high percentage of protein, thanks to which it can provide the metabolism of the raw material to generate new cells in muscle fibers. All these advantages are gained thanks to Brownie Mix plus Protein from Got7, which also contains exquisite chocolate chips to improve its flavor.

Leading a healthy and balance diet is something strictly necessary for athletes. Therefore, it is necessary to search for certain alternatives that allow to substitute foods that generate overweight and avoid the necessary corporal harmony that every athlete requires. In addition, there is also the option of using creativity and continue enjoying delicious meals. This is the case of Brownie Mix plus Protein from Got7. Thanks to this product, a double and fantastic benefit is achieved. First, a dessert with a low amount of glycemic index is consumed, which results in a lower probability of being overweight. Likewise, it allows to satiate and keep the appetite at bay, avoiding the excess of food and thus one of the reiterated causes of the overweight in the people. Its other benefit comes from the fact that this mix is elaborated with great amount of protein, which helps to remarkably increase the muscle volume when combined with the appropriate exercises. In this way, it can be affirmed that it is a product of integral benefits and highly recommended for sports diets in general.

Facts of Brownie Mix plus Protein from Got7

  • Mix to prepare brownies
  • Contains up to 50% less sugars and carbohydrates
  • Low glycemic index
  • Ideal for diabetics
  • Large amount of protein
  • Perfect for athletes

Sports or weight loss diets are often strict and difficult to follow. Thanks to this product, you can count on a delicious dessert that accompanies such type of food patterns.

Recommended Use: store in a dry, cool place with no light. Once open, it should be consumed before 6 months.

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