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Total Protein Bar - 46 g

The carbohydrates present in each Total Protein Bar (17.9 grams) help restore your strength after exercise and is the right amount for you to increase your energy without unnecessarily increasing weight.

    Improve and Increase Your Muscle Mass

    Proteins contribute to the maintenance and regeneration of muscle mass, so Total Protein Bar with its hyper protein content is your best support to grow your muscles and prevent damage to your fibers. You will not find a bar with more protein in its composition, only Total Protein Bar guarantees 31% of proteins that come exclusively from whey, where the best quality proteins are found. This energy bar is easy to digest, as it has no lactose between its ingredients, presents a very soft texture unlike other similar bars so you devour without any problems and you will always want to have it by your side when you train. And its delicious Chocolate flavor will give you the impression that you are eating a treat while training, which will reinforce you positively and will affect your performance and how you enjoy the sport you are practicing, whatever it is.

    Total Protein Bar is especially recommended for those athletes who need to increase their muscle mass like bodybuilders, weightlifters, boxers and fighters, but in fact any sportsmen will benefit from increasing and regenerating their muscles quickly. Also its combination with carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins allow you to consume it during the day as a snack, since it is a source of proteins free of fats and of quick absorption that will help promote the synthesis of muscular fibers and maintain your levels of glycogen in the blood. And not only that, the 179 calorie content per bar makes Total Protein Bar ideal if you're following a diet to lose body fat, other energy bars have up to 400 calories per bar! Which will make you fat without a doubt.

    The carbohydrates present in each of these bars (17.9 grams) help regain your strength after exercise and is the right amount for you to increase your energy without unnecessarily increasing weight. In addition Total Protein Bar is the only one whose carbohydrates do not come from corn syrup, this makes it ideal for losing body fat and boosting your sports performance while increasing your potency and muscle mass. And although as we said before Total Protein Bar contains little amount of fat, the 5.5 grams in each bar make its carbohydrates to be digested progressively which guarantees you adequate energy levels throughout your sporting activity.

    Eat 1 bar one hour before your workout and another immediately afterwards and you will have at your disposal all the benefits that proteins have to offer to your muscles and your entire body.

    So if you have already seen all these benefits Total Protein Bar has for you, do not wait any longer and get this energy bar, your muscles and your entire body will thank you and you will see how you practice sports with more energy and power.

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