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Sports Bottle - 800ml

Sports Bottle GoldNutrition is ideal to hydrate during training or to prepare or consume sports drinks with the greatest comfort. With dispenser with closure of easy opening, anti leaks, meter and indicator of level. All the advantages of an ergonomically designed bottle, easy to use and transport, at a unique price.



    Sports Bottle from GoldNutrition is a sports drink bottle that is functional and comfortable, easy to use and easy to carry.

    A bottle to use in training needs to have some special features, and among the most important is its comfort of use while the body stays in motion. Another essential feature is that it offers the greatest utility and cleanliness when preparing and dosing a nutritional shake or drink.

    Sports Bottle from GoldNutrition has an ergonomic design that allows more maneuverability at the moment of drinking while exercising, as well as to transport and hold it with the greatest comfort. It supports adequate content that optimizes its utilitarian functions and is the appropriate measure to prepare a nutritional drink, 800ml.

    Sports Bottle from GoldNutrition includes a measurer in ml to prepare supplements in their right proportion, with a level indicator that allows to control the amount of liquid that is consumed during the training.

    Its design consists of a central gutter grip that prevents slippage and prevents loss of the inner liquid. Its screw cap design provides the safety of an anti-leakage or leakage system, which ensures complete cleaning and asepsis of the supplement or liquid that is drunk.

    The correct dosage of a sports supplement is a key element to receive all the benefits of the product, and this collection along with the cleaning and total asepsis of the compounds is essential to maintain good sports health.

    A dispenser fair measure allows for more comfort when drinking from the bottle. This sports bottle design has a simple opening and closing lid, a feature highly valued in sports, as it allows you to not lose concentration in unsuccessful attempts, not waste time in hydrating or drinking a liquid during training or competition.

    Sports Bottle from GoldNutrition is a good alternative to prepare and maintain sports drinks or liquids that are consumed before, during or after training. It is very easy to wash, its material is very resistant, and presents a price-quality ratio that offers considerable savings.

    Ideal for sportsmen and athletes looking for a sports bottle of beautiful aesthetic, with all the necessary characteristics to use in training: dispenser, measurer and a practical and convenient design to use and transport.

    A sports bottle with all the advantages that athletes prefer, at an unbeatable price, with GoldNutrition's guarantee.

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