GoldNutrition Sport Bottle is ideal for hydration during training or to prepare and consume sport drinks with comfort. With dispenser with closure of easy opening, that prevents leaks, a meter and an indicator of level. All the benefits in a bottle of ergonomic design, easy to use and transport, at an excellent price.

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    A better design to do better.

    GoldNutrition Sport Bottle is a bottle for sports drinks, with a functional design, that is comfortable, simple to use and practical to transport.

    A bottle for use in training needs to have some special features, and one of the most important is that it provides ease of use while the body is moving. Another essential feature required is that it offers functionality when preparing and dosing a smoothie or nutritional drink.

    GoldNutrition Sport Bottle has an ergonomic design that allows better handling upon drinking while practicing exercises, as well as carrying and holding it comfortably. It supports adequate contents that optimize its useful functions and is suitable for preparing the appropriate amount of a nutritional drink, 500 ml.

    GoldNutrition Sport Bottle includes a meter in milliliters to prepare supplements in their exact proportion, with an indicator of level allowing control of the amount of liquid that has been consumed during training.

    Its design consists of a central area for a perfect grip which avoids sliding and the loss of liquid. It features a screw cap that provides a safety system against losses or leaks, which ensures the complete integrity and hygiene of the supplement or liquid that will be drunk.

    The proper dosage of sports supplement is a key element to receive all the benefits of such product, and this benefit, along with the cleaning and total hygiene of the components is essential for maintaining good sport health.

    GoldNutrition Sport Bottle features a precision dispenser that allows more comfort when drinking from a bottle. This sport bottle features a simple screw cap to open and close it, which is a highly valued feature in sports, as it prevents unsuccessful attempts that would make us lose concentration, helps us save time we would use to hydrate or drink a liquid during training or competition.

    GoldNutrition Sport Bottle is a good alternative to prepare and keep sports drinks or liquids that are consumed before, during or after training. It is very easy to wash, its material is very strong, and is value for money. So, by acquiring this excellent bottle you can own a practical high-quality product that will ease the practice of exercises, and saving money.

    There is no doubt that this bottle is ideal for sportsmen and athletes seeking a beautiful sport bottle with all the necessary features to use it in training: dispenser, meter and practical design that makes it comfortable to use and transport.

    GoldNutrition Sport Bottle is a practical sport bottle that will provide athletes, sportsmen or anyone who practices exercises with all the advantages they prefer in a bottle of this type, at an unbeatable price, with the guarantee of GoldNutrition.

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