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Slim Shake is a delicious high-protein shake, free of added sugars, combining various proteins, specifically whey, egg albumin, hydrolyzed collagen and soy. It is enriched with fiber, especially inulin, which is a fiber extracted from chicory, which acts effectively to maintain balance of transit and intestinal flora.

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    Tasty protein shake, sugar free and enriched with inulin (fiber) and hydrolyzed collagen

    Slim Shake from Gold Nutrition is a protein cocktail with a high biological value, which helps the body to conserve the muscles when diets to lose weight. Thanks to the great satiating capacity of fiber and proteins, it becomes very useful when you follow a hypocaloric regime and you want to stop being hungry. Another great advantage is that it is low in calories, since for each shake we eat less than 100 kcal. It contains no added sugars and also incorporates hydrolyzed collagen, a substance essential to keep the skin in good condition, providing more beauty and elasticity, while avoiding sagging, which usually manifests when there is weight loss in a short time. 

    If you're looking to lose weight, Slim Shake is the perfect shake. Its high content in amino acids, collaborates in the maintenance of muscle tissue in people who follow diets to lose weight. It also helps us control the urge to eat, which is beneficial to stop taking unhealthy foods. It can also be mixed smoothly with other food supplements focused on weight loss, especially thermogenic products, L-carnitine or CLA. 

    The key ingredient is whey protein concentrate, an easily digestible protein, which is achieved by isolating whey from milk. It is great when you need an extra supply of amino acids, especially after a routine of weights. At that time the body requires an "injection" of nutrients so that it can regenerate. The whey protein present in Slim Shake increases the level of glutathione, which is a powerful natural antioxidant, which protects the physical body from numerous diseases. It also prevents osteoporosis, as it contains a large amount of calcium, which strengthens the bones of any fracture. 

    Whey protein is also recommended for patients who have suffered severe burns or have undergone some sort of surgery as it helps heal wounds. It also serves as a protector against possible tumors, decreases bad cholesterol and increases good, benefiting the health of the heart, and strengthens the immune system. 

    Slim Shake is an extraordinary supplement rich in protein and fiber, which has been specially developed to maintain the muscular volume of people who are doing some diet of slimming or for athletes who work looking to define the muscles. It is recommended to take one to two shakes a day, as a substitute for meat or fish at lunch. It is best to mix it with water or skim milk.





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