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Peatatoes - 40 g

Peatatoes from Gold Nutrition is a succulent and very crunchy snack, based on proteins, which can be enjoyed at any time of day thanks to excellent preparation. In that sense, it is made from lentil flour and pea proteins, however, it does not contain sugars or fats, thus contributing to a very healthy delight.

    Peatatoes from Gold Nutrition are as rich as French fries, but with less fat and a more incredible percentage of vegetable protein.

    Peatatoes from Gold Nutrition are tasty vegetable protein snacks that are made, very specially, with pea protein and delicious lentil flour, that is why they are healthy and very nutritious.

    In fact, the rich Peatatoes from Gold Nutrition is so ideal to enjoy wherever you want, since it does not contain excessive amounts of sugar or fat to your diet. In addition, this product is created naturally, that is, without using additives or preservatives, in order to offer you a tasty, totally irresistible snack.

    These fantastic Peatatoes from Gold Nutrition is a new and innovative snack that has the great advantage of being made from healthy lentil flour and rich pea proteins, therefore, it is a snack full of proteins and substantial nutrients, that is, very special for you to enjoy a snack suitable for your diet, regardless how strict it might be.

    In this case, you can enjoy without limits, whether you are on a fitness, sports, vegan or vegetarian diet, as, without doubt, the protein percentage of this wonderful product is so ideal and efficient that you will notice incredible changes in no time.

    The great thing about Peatatoes from Gold Nutrition is that even though it retains a splendid flavor and a super crunchy texture, which is, undoubtedly, a result of have been made without adding fats or refined sugars. In this sense, this product is produced with an advanced technique, where only a very prominent pressure and very high temperature is used, precisely, to improve preservation.

    In fact, artificial preservatives are not added, but rather, rosemary extract, which is a natural preservative par excellence for a long and very tasty duration of this delicious product.

    Peatatoes from Gold Nutrition is excellent snack at any time of the day, either because you feel like eating something appetizing, or even nutritious, to snack between meals, in particular, when you are away from home, and therefore, you do not have at hand something 100% healthy to eat. Peatatoes from Gold Nutrition is becoming one of the most famous snacks, and the most surprising thing is that it is simply the result of vegetable production. So, enjoy it with your family, friends, or, while you watch a movie.

    Facts of Peatatoes from Gold Nutrition

    • Snack made from succulent lentil flour containing pea proteins.
    • High contents of vegetable protein.
    • Contributes few fats and sugars.
    • No GMOs (genetically modified organisms), additives, or artificial preservatives.
    • Produced very well, and preserved naturally.
    • Mega crunchy, with exquisite irresistible flavor.

    This super delicious Peatatoes from Gold Nutrition will give you the full pleasure of enjoying a super-crunchy snack, of course, without feeling guilty, as it is full of incredible proteins, which is something difficult to find on the market.

    Recommended use: enjoy the mega crunchy Peatatoes from Gold Nutrition as a tasty snack, at any time, whenever you feel like it.

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