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Onfire Man - 15 vials

Activate all the metabolism that you have stored in your muscles with Onfire Man, the pure and concentrated liquid L-Carnitine of the best quality.
  • Size per dose
    Size per dose
    1.0 One service
  • What do you take it for?
    What do you take it for?
    Fat burner and energizer
  • How is it taken?
    How is it taken?
    Open and eat
  • How many times?
    How many times?
    Once or twice a day
  • When should it be taken?
    When should it be taken?
    On an empty stomach before training or after 4h
  • Usos
    Weight loss


Onfire Man, specific vials for male metabolism

If you are a man who wants to stimulate your metabolism to the fullest, Onfire Man is designed specifically for you, its innovative vials contain 3 grams of liquid L-carnitine for the best absorption and action power that combined with specific nutrients for the male body will help you burn the fats that accumulate in your body and thus help you raise your energy levels, increase your muscle mass and reduce your body fat.

Not only that, but also designed for you, you want to increase performance in any endurance sport as it increases oxygen transport to your muscles, facilitate recovery after physical activity and prevent the early onset of fatigue that is the main enemy to overcome if we want to improve our records in any training or competition.

L-carnitine contained in the exclusive formula of Onfire Man helps oxidize fatty acids during exercise, causing your body to use these deposits of body fat instead of the proteins of your muscles as a source of energy during intense exercise, doing this not only increases your energy levels at the same time as you lose fat but also increases your muscle definition and increases your athletic performance.

But not only is L-carnitine responsible for the extraordinary effects that Onfire Man will have on your body, the choline found in each of your vials plays an important role in regulating your body's energy, enhancing the effect of the insulin and thus normalizing the process of metabolism of your energy, avoiding those drops that prevent an adequate performance in the physical activity.

In addition, Onfire Man has Rhodiola rosea extract, an herb that improves physical energy, mood and mental performance along with providing your body with numerous antioxidants that will stimulate your immune system, regulate your blood pressure and protect the health of your heart and arteries, also reducing the amount of lactic acid that your body produces, the main responsible for cramps and muscle aches.

And if that does not seem to be enough, the content of caffeine and coenzyme Q10 in Onfire Man will stimulate thermogenesis in your body to levels you've never experienced before, promoting your basal metabolic rate while protecting you from excessive free radical formation that can affect your athletic performance, accelerate aging and damage the tissues of your body.

Onfire Man, L-carnitine vials designed for men:

  • Reduce body fat
  • Improve your sports performance

If you want to take a dietary supplement specially designed for you, start with Onfire Man, no one else can offer you better results. 

Recommended Use: As a dietary supplement, take 1 vial once a day prior to physical activity.

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