Mass Force from Gold Nutrition is a powdered nutritional supplement to prepare shakes. It contains proteins of very high biological value. It also provides carbohydrates with fast and slow absorption. It optimizes muscle growth. It improves muscle glycogen replenishment. It provides the body with amino acids.

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Mass Force from Gold Nutrition, in powder format to add to shakes.

Mass Force from Gold Nutrition is a perfect nutritional supplement for those who want to increase their muscle tone and volume. Its success lies in that it contains proteins of very high biological value, as well as a blend of carbohydrates of fast and slow absorption.

This unique blend of carbohydrates keeps blood glucose levels much more stable, while at the same time replenishing muscle glycogen, thus favoring energy consumption. Each dose of this product provides proteins derived from whey concentrate. It also endows the body with amino acids that also help increase the size of muscles. It also contains creatine; which collaborates to delay fatigue, increases strength and avoids catabolism. Also, this innovative formula has vitamins and minerals. All this makes the product Mass Force from Gold Nutrition much more than a blend of proteins. In fact, these proteins are accompanied by substances that allow the best absorption, use and efficiency of protein content. Therefore, it can be considered as a supplement with a broad spectrum of benefits, all of them ideal for muscle work in the gym.

Consumption of protein is necessary in all people who perform training programs aimed at increasing muscle tone and volume. Proteins represent one of the raw materials with which the body makes muscle fibers. Therefore, it is necessary to obtain them in the daily diet. They are obtained in foods such as meats, but doing so can be accompanied by fats that carry the drawback of obesity. For this reason, products such as Mass Force from Gold Nutrition have been created, which has a number of extra benefits. It happens that it is not a simple protein supplement, but it includes carbohydrates that allow to stabilize the glycemia and provide the body with energy to create muscle tissues. It also contains amino acids and creatine. In addition, it provides vitamin D, niacin, riboflavin and vitamin B12. Also, minerals such as zinc and plant extracts such as green tea and Rhodiola rosea. All these substances make proteins to be assimilated much better and achieve the goal of building a big muscles.

Fact of Mass Force from Gold Nutrition

  • Protein supply
  • Powder format to prepare shakes
  • Optimizes muscle growth
  • Contains slow and fast absorption carbohydrates
  • Improves muscle glycogen replenishment
  • Contains amino acids
  • Provides vitamins, minerals, green tea extracts and Rhodiola rosea.

This excellent product allows to have a nutritional supplement that gives enough proteins to gain muscle mass effectively, achieving excellent results.

Recommended use: consume 1 shake one hour before each workout and another immediately after. To prepare a shake, add 1 shallow spoonful (108 g) in a total of 300 ml of water. Shake vigorously. It is not recommended to exceed the daily dose.

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