Iso Hydro Whey from Gold Nutrition is a nutritional supplement that provides proteins to the body. It has proteins of both isolated and hydrolysed origin. Thanks to this combination, it is very easy to digest and the protein content is quickly captured by metabolism. It has little sugars, carbohydrates, fats and lactose.

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Iso Hydro Whey from Gold Nutrition

Iso Hydro Whey from Gold Nutrition is a dietary supplement containing two excellent sources of protein. The first is Isolac Whey Protein Isolate, and the other is Optipep Hydrolyzed Protein. Thanks to this fantastic combination between Isolate and Hydrolysate happens that this product has a high rate of digestion and absorption.

This means that it allows results much faster, without having to wait for long digestive processes. In addition, it has very few sugars, carbohydrates, fats and has a very low lactose content. For the latter, it is recommended in those people who do bodybuilding exercises and are intolerant to lactose. Another important benefit is that it is a source of calcium of great relevance, since each dose of this product is equivalent to the 20% that the body needs daily of this mineral. There are many benefits derived from the consumption of Hydro Whey from Gold Nutrition. It is ideal for those who do bodybuilding exercises, since proteins are one of the raw materials used by the body to generate more muscle tissue. It is sold in powder format to prepare shakes.

Proteins are an indispensable nutrient for those who lift weights, do fitness or exercises that in general are intended to increase muscle volume. This is because proteins, along with amino acids, are the pair of basic components with which the human body creates more muscle tissue. For this reason, food supplements have been created, such as Iso Hydro Whey from Gold Nutrition. However, this product has some additional advantages. It happens that it is made from a combination of hydrolysed and isolated proteins. The latter allows them to be more quickly captured by the digestive system and used immediately to create muscle tissue. In addition, it has low saccharide, carbohydrate, lipid and lactose content. It also supplies calcium; which is a mineral with excellent electrolytic functions in the process of contraction and muscular ratio.

Facts of Iso Hydro Whey from Gold Nutrition

  • Power format to prepare shakes.
  • Excellent protein source.
  • Double protein source: isolated and hydrolysed.
  • Excellent digestion rate.
  • Contains few sugars, carbohydrates, fats and lactose.
  • Calcium for the processes of contraction and muscular ratio.

Thanks to this product is supplied to the body an adequate amount of protein, be it to maintain muscle mass or if you want to increase it through gym training.

Recommended Use: take two shakes a day (2 servings). One of these 1 hour before training. The other, immediately after. To prepare a shake: add 1 shallow spoon (30g) in 200 ml of water. Shake vigorously and drink. Ice can be added to provide a better texture to the preparation.

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