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Extreme Gel Guarana & Caffein - 40 g

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Extreme Gel Guarana & Caffein is a revolutionary product that provides you with fast absorption sugars and high glycemic index, packed in a practical gel that make you boost all your physical potential during your training and sports competitions.

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    Fundamental to your training.

    Extreme Gel Guarana & Caffein is a quick-absorbing gel that will immediately deliver energy to the areas where you need them in your body during any physical activity you do, its presentation in the form of a gel let it be absorbed faster in your stomach than any protein bar you have consumed before. During any prolonged effort, blood sugar levels decrease significantly and combined with the loss of mineral salts by sweating, this causes a significant decrease in strength and speed, allowing the appearance of physical and mental fatigue, that fatigue is your main enemy to fight.

    Extreme Gel Guarana & Caffein not only does it have quickly-absorbed sugars and high caloric intake that will increase your energy immediately, but also gives you guarana, caffeine, and vitamin B that will make your training more effective and give you more endurance. In addition to maintaining the sugar levels in your blood, you will recover the mineral salts that you lost with sweat, which do not all sport supplements and this way you can combat and delay fatigue that is the main cause of not achieving your training or competition goals. And with the presence of guarana and caffeine accompanying branched chain amino acids in its exclusive formula you ensure the preservation of your muscles and potentiate the destruction and elimination of adipose tissue so that not only helps you to compete better but also to improve your figure and body fat percentage.

    Extreme Gel Guarana & Caffein is especially recommended for athletes who practice running, trial, cycling, triathlon or endurance, but in fact any athlete who wants to improve his performance and is exposed to high physical demands should ingest this product. And not only that, with the demanding pace of life today, if you are a busy businessman or a working mom who no longer has to do to increase their energy and be able to perform their tasks, this gel is the answer to your prayers, you will see how you can attend all facets of your life without any effort supplementing your diet with this product.

    By taking only 1 sachet per hour of physical activity that you are doing and accompanying them with at least 1 glass of water with each sachet you will feel immediately all the benefits that Extreme Gel Guarana & Caffein has reserved for your body, you do not have to wait weeks or months to see results as with other dietary supplements.

    Then do not wait any longer, get Extreme Gel Guarana & Caffein and make your body take you to the next level, not only increase your energy and endurance, you will see and feel like never before taking this extraordinary product.

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