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Extreme Gel with Taurine - 40 g

If you are reaching the limit in your training or sports competitions and want to overcome that barrier, Extreme Gel with Taurine is for you. Its unique formula packed with fast-acting carbohydrates, minerals and amino acids will boost your energy and give you the push needed to achieve your goals.

    Combat fatigue and gain muscle mass.

    Extreme Gel with Taurine is a gel composed of fast-acting carbohydrates with a high glycemic index, accompanied by branched chain amino acids and with the presence of taurine will increase your concentration levels and prevent fatigue in your muscles. During any competition or training you need to be focused on your goals, many times you do not get what you want for lack of concentration and distraction while in the middle of physical activity, because you do not send your muscles the stimulus they need to be more efficient.

    Extreme Gel with Taurine prevents that, the addition of taurine makes your neurons work faster and in coordination with your muscle mass, thus avoiding you lose concentration and stay 100% in line with your goals. If you manage to give instant energy to your muscles and your brain just when you need it the most you will be able to delay fatigue and can be the difference between success and failure in any physical activity you start. When you want to maintain the intensity of exercise for as long as your competition or training lasts, Extreme Gel with Taurine is the ideal product for that, your sodium and potassium levels will allow you to maintain the balance in your body under the most demanding conditions. The high-glycemic carbohydrates in your formula also help stimulate insulin production while exercising, that will increase your muscle growth, and lower cortisol levels that will strengthen your immune system and prevent the loss of muscle fibers.

    You should only take 1 sachet of Extreme Gel with Taurine per hour of exercise you are going to do, accompanied by at least 1 glass of water, is ideal for all types of physical activity but especially for those that require great amount of concentration and endurance such as football, cycling, running, climbing or triathlon. And not only will it help you in your sports activities, with your hectic way of life, Extreme Gel with Taurine will give you that extra mental and physical agility to stand out in your work and in all your daily activities of your life, you just have to follow the recommended doses and you will see how you achieve your goals in less time and with less effort. In addition with its pleasant taste you will not feel rejection by taking it and you will think that you are taking a treat while you exercise, so it will stimulate you even more to finalize your exercises and achieve your goals.

    So do not wait any longer, buy Extreme Gel with Taurine today and you will immediately feel its benefits in your body, dare to break the game plan and achieve new goals and records in your sporting activity.

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