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Endurance fruit bar - GoldNutrition

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Endurance Fruit Bar is the energy bar you've been waiting for! If you want to keep your energy to the limit while practicing any physical activity, these delicious almond-flavored strawberry bars will do it for you. Especially if you need to maintain the endurance this energy bar is the one that best fills your calorie needs.

    Keep your energy to the limit and fullfil your goals.

    How many times have you missed what you expected by training in the gym or practicing your favorite sports activity? Surely the only thing you lacked was a little energy and extra supplementation, so Endurance Fruit Bar was created to give it to you. This delicious energy bar combines natural fruit sugars with intermediate-acting synthetic sugars, releasing them in stages during the practice of exercise, so that in the hardest of your training or sports activity you receive the nutrients necessary to perform successfully.

    If you practice sports for which you need a lot of endurance such as athletics in long distances, triathlon, cycling, weightlifting, climbing or any other sports activity, Endurance Fruit Bar is what you needed to access the next level in your workouts and competitions. Only by consuming 1 bar of Endurance Fruit Bar every 60 minutes after starting your exercise you will ensure that you have all the necessary energy and thus achieve what you propose in your sports activities.

    These energy bars unlike others, does not melt because it has no chocolate coating, so it is ideal for outdoor sports and in the most extreme conditions. And also its sweet almond and strawberry flavor will make you want to consume it quickly, not like the others with earthy taste that you have tried before. Only Endurance Fruit Bar guarantees you 4 g of proteins, with the necessary amount of amino acids that will go directly to your muscles, so you prevent the loss of muscle fibers and conserve and increase your muscle mass by doing resistance exercises.

    And the 173.8 calories it provides will allow you to continue any physical activity in any condition, taking security for its combination of progressive release sugars that will never give you a sugar "drop" that affects your athletic performance. For all of the above, Endurance Fruit Bar is the favorite of most athletes in the endurance world as well as all professional athletes who must carry out activities that require a lot of endurance, any athlete who makes physical efforts for more than an hour should consume this product.

    Even in today's hectic world, business, work, and our daily chores require a great deal of physical endurance, so these energy bars can give you that energy you need to do your day-to-day tasks. So do not wait any longer to earn that extra your body needs! Buy Endurance Fruit Bar in its delicious strawberry and almond flavor and you will see how it immediately increases your physical capacity and endurance in the gym or any sport you practice.

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