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Bite and Go from Gold Nutrition is an exquisite snack that is ideal to delight you in the middle of the morning or any time of your day, since it is made in a very healthy way, with dates, coconut, hemp and cashews, giving as a result a product that provides your body with lots of energy and proteins. It does not have sugars or preservatives, so it is completely natural.

    Enjoy the delicious Bite and Go from Gold Nutrition anywhere, anytime.

    Bite and Go from Gold Nutrition is a nourishing and appetizing product, which brings an attractive supply of protein and energy, so you can enjoy this tasty snack every day, and more, if you have been looking for something healthy to eat.

    This exquisite product is made from an interesting mix of organic and natural ingredients, such as dates, cashews, coconut and hemp, these being quite beneficial and full of nutrients.

    Bite and Go from Gold Nutrition is full of pleasure and naturalness, starting, as it was made from an excellent and authentic combination of organic ingredients, which, apart from giving an unbeatable taste to this snack, are also a surprising source of incredible benefits. In the case of dates, along with cashews and grated coconut, they provide valuable energy, especially for those who lead a very active or hectic daily life.

    On the other hand, hemp provides great contribution of protein to this snack, being thus, a substantial and appetizing snack rich in proteins. Even for athletes, Bite and Go from Gold Nutrition is pretty great, since protein protects the muscle mass and are substantial for a balanced diet.

    Additionally, Bite and Go from Gold Nutrition has only fat that its magnificent ingredients naturally have. In fact, dates, coconut, hemp and cashews are very rich in essential fatty acids, so eating this mouth-watering snack is more than healthy and light for the body.

    Bite and Go from Gold Nutrition does not contain refined sugars, preservatives or additives, so it is 100% natural, which makes it much more appetizing. Certainly, this is highly positive for vegans and vegetarians, therefore, they can indulge in eating this snack without worrying, thanks to its completely natural composition.

    As for the delicious and unbeatable taste of this product, it must be mentioned that it is really amazing. In addition, its crunchy texture makes it fun to bite, therefore, it is a perfect snack to devour, regardless if you want it to nibble, to replenish energy at any time of the day, or to share at snack time with friends or your family.

    Facts of Bite and Go from Gold Nutrition

    • Rich in energy and protein.
    • Has pieces of dates, cashews, coconut and hemp.
    • Super crunchy and very delicious.
    • No sugar, no additives.
    • Made only from nourishing natural ingredients.
    • Suitable for everyone, especially, vegans and vegetarians.

    There is nothing better than having the exquisite Bite and Go from Gold Nutrition in your backpack or purse as it will get you out of trouble in case you fancy something ultra-tasty and healthy at the same time. In addition, it is incredibly nutritious, perfect for an active lifestyle.

    Recommended use: eat Bite and Go from Gold Nutrition at any time of the day, as a 100% healthy snack.

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