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Tuna in Tomato Sauce - 300 g

Tuna in Tomato Sauce from Go Natur Foods is a food supplement that comes ready to heat and then eat. A delicious presentation of fresh tuna, seasoned with tomato, potatoes and vegetables. It offers great nutritional properties to optimize the performance of your body. This product is a delicacy if you want to include the touch of sea in your dishes. 100% natural production.

    Tuna in Tomato Sauce from Go Natur Foods allows you to enjoy the taste of the sea with a product full of nutritional benefits.

    Tuna in Tomato Sauce from Go Natur Foods is a dish to refresh, nourish and captivate your palate from the first moment. It boosts the best flavor and quality of tuna through exquisite and nutritious accompaniments. Tuna in Tomato Sauce from Go Natur Foods also includes potatoes and vegetables for an even more complete dish. Similarly, it also offers the most generous levels of protein for the maintenance and formation of muscle mass. In addition, thanks to its reduced content in fats, carbohydrates and added sugars, it is perfect to be included in a rigorous diet.

    Tuna in Tomato Sauce from Go Natur Foods comes ready to serve and satisfy your cravings in the morning or afternoon. A traditional dish to complement your meals and at the same time, keep your figure impeccable.

    Tuna in Tomato Sauce from Go Natur Foods is a food product to nourish your body with the precise components. One way to get used to healthy consumption is through this product. A product excellent to keep cravings at bay and enjoying the best that sea provides. More than an extra product in your pantry, Tuna in Tomato Sauce from Go Natur Foods introduces the best habits and benefits in your life. It is ideal to promote fat loss, increase muscle mass and prolong your next meal hours.

    Tuna in Tomato Sauce from Go Natur Foods is made exclusively from natural ingredients. By eating this product, you have the opportunity to make an excellent dish, always fulfilling your nutritional requirements. It is a healthy proposal to vary your meals in the company of your loved ones.

    This delicious and generous portion of tuna does not deprive anyone of its wonders. To top it all off, it is a product free of sugars, fats, gluten, preservatives or colorings. From common people, even those that suffer from the celiac disease to sports people can introduce a proposal like this. It is widely recommended to provide your life with the best flavors and nutrients. In addition, it is prepared based on the most demanding requirements. It is a product to prolong satiety and burn additional calories.

    Facts of Tuna in Tomato Sauce from Go Natur Foods

    • A serving of tuna seasoned in tomatoes, potatoes and vegetables.
    • A rich source of proteins.
    • Made from 100% natural ingredients.
    • Low in fat, carbohydrates and sugars.
    • Gluten-free.
    • Suitable for vegans, people suffering from celiac disease and athletes.

    Replace fatty meats with the delicious Tuna in Tomato Sauce from Go Natur Foods. A product that guarantees unique flavors thanks to its incorporation in tomato, potatoes and vegetables. Ready to serve at the time that you feel like it. Enjoy all its benefits while you pamper your palate. It has great wealth in protein and is suitable for all audiences.

    Recommended use: a delicious product ready to heat and serve with accompaniments of your choice.

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