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Chicken with Vegetables - 300 g

Chicken with Vegetables from Go Natur Foods is a delicious way to feed yourself through a ready-to-serve product that offers all the nutritional properties your body needs. This is a tasty chicken breast that has been seasoned and complemented with cooked vegetables and potatoes. In addition, all its properties ​​have the ability to establish a balance in your body.

    Chicken with Vegetables from Go Natur Foods enriches your lunches with the richest chicken breast. Seasoned and flavored with vegetables and boiled potatoes.

    The delicious Chicken with Vegetables from Go Natur Foods is an alternative to fast food that is ready to serve after a busy day. You are in time to incorporate a tasty product, with the best nutritional contributions and that, once heated, is ready to be eaten. Sometimes, life and chores can overshadow one of the most important parts of the day: food. For this reason, we offer you a product with all the features to dazzle you from the very first bite. It is a product very low in fat, ideal to be accompanied with proteins and 100% natural ingredients.

    One of the best ways to take care of your figure is by eating Chicken with Vegetables from Go Natur Foods. A product that favors the maintenance of muscle mass, while also giving you the possibility to increase it according to what you need in your physical conditions. Additionally, if your main goal is weight loss, combining a proper workout with a healthy diet that includes this tasty chicken is an excellent way to achieve that, also improving quality of life and getting great results in the process.

    Chicken with Vegetables from Go Natur Foods is a product excellent to be included into the diet of athletes as well as that of people suffering from the celiac disease, thanks to its absence of gluten and excellent vitamin content, it does not deprive anyone of its benefits. It is a food designed for any person that want delight in the most important meals.

    A totally healthy recipe with Mediterranean flavors. This product enriches your dishes with the incorporation of cooked vegetables and potatoes. It is a lunch ready to serve and does not require great efforts to develop or preserve. Given its nutritional values, it is a healthy option to introduce in any type of diet. It is a unique source of protein and can be an alternative to red meat, with the plus of a better nutritional profile. It also offers all the vitamins, minerals and proteins that your body needs.

    Facts of Chicken with Vegetables from Go Natur Foods

    • A succulent chicken seasoned in vegetables and boiled potatoes.
    • Excellent source of proteins.
    • Ideal to maintain or increase muscle mass.
    • Gluten-free.
    • A product ready to heat and eat.
    • Does not require refrigeration.
    • Rich in vitamins and minerals.
    • Made of 100% natural ingredients.

    Chicken with Vegetables from Go Natur Foods is a food widely recommended for the little ones. Given its values ​​and by being an incredible source of protein, it is perfect to be included in the diet of children and teenagers. Now pleasing your family is an easy task thanks to this rich and 100% healthy product.

    Recommended use: a food product to heat and eat at any time of the day.

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