Wheat Germ Cookie from Gerblé, in its format of 120 grams, is the most adequate to supplement the diet of an athlete. It contains a lot of magnesium and vitamin E. Together, these substances improve the metabolism of the human body, help to cope with fatigue and function as an excellent antioxidant. It is possible to synthesize proteins.

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    Wheat Germ Cookie from Gerblé, deliciosas galletas con alto contenido en minerales ideal para proteger al organismo de la oxidación celular

    Wheat Germ Cookie from Gerblé is sold in boxes with capacity of 120 grams. It is very crunchy and is made from whole wheat flour. It is healthy and 100% natural. It provides several benefits, both in a traditional diet and those designed for athletes or under a special medical treatment.

    It is very rich in magnesium and vitamin E. Magnesium helps to cope with fatigue, as it is an energizer that naturally activates the metabolism and causes the body to recover immediately after intense physical exertion. It also helps the proper operation of the muscles and helps to minimize the pain generated by physical effort. For its part, vitamin E is a recognized antioxidant that helps cell regeneration. The combination of these two substances makes the body to recover both energetically and physically, as the levels of physical power rise and at the same time maintains an optimal condition in the organs. Therefore, we recommend the use of Wheat Germ Cookie from Gerblé for a healthy and balanced diet.

    When doing sports is double the energy consumed. On the one hand, the one of energetic nature. After high level physical activity, people are often exhausted and need time to recover. This period is minimized thanks to the ingestion of minerals such as magnesium, which helps accelerate rehydration and catalyze metabolism. This situation makes oxygen distributed with celerity and athletes recover from fatigue as soon as possible. The other type of wear comes from the body, specifically from muscle fibers that due to friction and movement end up damaged. To replenish this cellular content you need proteins capable of replenishing tissues. Thanks to the consumption of products such as Wheat Germ Cookie from Gerblé, it is possible to recover both aspects, since it has both magnesium and vitamin E that allows a faster absorption of proteins. Undoubtedly, it is a food that combines a delicious taste with many nutritional properties. Perfect for those who train or just for anyone who wants a healthy diet.

    Facts of Wheat Germ Cookie from Gerblé

    • Sold in boxes of 120 grams
    • 100% natural
    • Magnesium rich
    • Provides a good dose of vitamin E
    • Contains fibers
    • Stimulates physical recovery
    • Antioxidant effect

    These cookies are delicious. Along with their flavor, they also offer substances such as magnesium and vitamin E, both of great nutritional value and benefits to health.

    Recommended use: consume as dessert at the end of meals. Likewise, they are recommended after trainings and sports sessions.

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