Breadsticks salt to taste from Gerblé. Sold in packets of 100 grams, they are made for those people who are allergic to gluten. It contains no trace of this protein and is also endorsed by the European Food Standards for patients with celiac disease. Its taste is exquisite and its texture crunchy, in addition, it is easy to combine with any other food.

Sticks bread - 100g

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    Breadsticks salt to taste from Gerblé, great appetizer, totally gluten free, to consume at any time of the day.

    Breadsticks salt to taste from Gerblé are sold in packets of 100 grams. It is an appetizer especially made for people allergic to gluten, since they do not have traces of this protein. In fact, they are made according to the European regulation that regulates the sale of products that are offered without gluten to people who so require by medical instructions. Also, they are delicious and crunchy.

    It is a product that everyone loves, regardless of whether it is a child, adolescent or adult. These breadsticks have little fat. They contain a lot of carbohydrates, so they provide the body with energy, although with very little sugar. In this way, they prevent and combat both the overweight and the accumulation of lipids in the body. No colorings, preservatives or artificial flavorings are added. This is how Breadsticks salt to taste from Gerblé are a perfect food for those who can not consume gluten, but at the same time want a diet that includes tasty food.

    Gluten intolerance is a digestive disease characterized by the inability to withstand the intake of foods containing this protein. It happens that gluten is very nutritious, but humans have a problem: they do not possess the enzymes necessary for their metabolism to break it down. Therefore, when large amounts pass through the digestive tract and intestines, a certain level of discomfort happens. In healthy people, this sensation is only a minor inconvenience. On the other hand, those who suffer from this intolerance experience magnified discomforts. Usually, they are detected: stomach pains, diarrhea, loss of weight in spite of properly nutrition, little growth, short stature, continuous gases and abdominal distention. Thanks to products such as Breadsticks salt to taste from Gerblé who suffer from this condition can lead a normal life, enjoying a healthy diet in the company of friends, family and acquaintances. In addition, it can also be consumed by healthy people who want to eat healthy and natural. Therefore, this product should be present in any diet suggested by doctors and nutritionists.

    Facts of Breadsticks salt to taste from Gerblé

    • Sold in boxes of 100 grams
    • Gluten free
    • Without colorings, preservatives or flavorings
    • Regulatory Compliance for Gluten Free Foods
    • 100% natural
    • Low amount of fats and sugars
    • Delicious taste and crunchy texture

    It is a food that can be eaten at any occasion. The total absence of gluten guarantees that it can be consumed by patients diagnosed with celiac disease.

    Recommended use: it can be used as a snack, at the end of or between meals. Very easy to take anywhere.

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